About How to Kiss Your Grumpy Boss

How to Kiss Your Grumpy Boss

Perry Hawthorne is my boss. Only my boss. And I do NOT have a crush.

When one of THE Hawthorne brothers—known by their chiseled jawlines and their family-run farm and event center—hires me to be his virtual assistant, I do everything I can to keep him firmly in the work zone.

His grumpy demeanor helps.

His smoking hot profile picture does not.

But even if I do have a crush (a very tiny one), I can’t catch real feelings for a million different reasons.

Besides the whole business part of our relationship, I’m a single mom. I have to think about what’s best for my son, Jack. And my grumpy, divorced, humorless boss isn’t exactly giving me “ready to be a stepdad” vibes.

When Perry upgrades me from virtual to in-person assistant, I wonder if I’ve gotten him all wrong. He’s actually pretty great with Jack. And with me? Let’s just say the chemistry crackling between us might vaporize all my reasons for keeping my distance.

Trouble is, after his messy divorce, I’m not sure Perry’s ready to bet on a new relationship. But it isn’t just my heart that’s on the line. It’s Jack’s, too. And after everything we went through before my husband died, I’m not sure that’s a gamble I’m ready to take, no matter how desperate Jack is for a daddy.

How to Kiss Your Grumpy Boss is a sweet romantic comedy with all the sizzling kisses you want in a closed-door romance but no explicit scenes.

My review

I’ve been impatiently waiting for this book ever since I read How to Kiss Your Best Friend. And it was definitely worth the wait!

I loved everything about Lila. She’s such a great mom. She’s a little bit sarcastic. And her puns made me laugh every time! I loved that she has her little boy, Jack. And he is her whole world. Lila works as a personal assistant. She ends up working for Perry. Never dreaming that she’d actually meet him. And then one day she does.

I loved the meeting with Perry. He had a flat tire and for reasons out of his control he didn’t have a jack in his truck. Lila is the last person he wanted to call, because they didn’t really have a relationship. But he calls her and she comes. This is such a great scene. I really loved the way Jack is with Perry in this scene. It embarrasses Lila completely, but it’s my favorite. You’re going to have to read it to learn why.

Jack is kind of a big part of this book. He has to be, because he’s Lila’s son. And I loved him so much. The author captured his character. And how kids that age are. Jack made me laugh so many times!

This book is so amazing. You really need to read it! If you’re anything like me, you won’t be able to put it down.

I borrowed this book using my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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