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Love and Second Chances

Everyone wants to ship Mabel and Zane. What no one knows? They’ve already tried it once before, and it ended in disaster.

Zane is the fire-fighting, meat and potatoes, good-hearted man of nursing student Mabel’s dreams.

Except a long time ago, she kissed him, only to be rejected so quickly it left her head spinning and her heart broken.

They’ve been in the same friend group all this time, just out of reach. None of the friends ever even knew about the ill-fated kiss.

And lately? It’s felt less and less like Mabel and Zane are friends at all. Despite the group’s matchmaking attempts, it’s beginning to feel like they’re enemies.

She thought he’d never been interested in her that way, which is why his confession at their friends’ wedding has Mabel baffled. And then his distance afterwards? It’s enough for Mabel to run for the hills and call it quits for good.

But when they’re asked to work on a project to obtain funding for their beloved town’s water tower, they begrudgingly agree.

And despite both of them needing to move on, they find themselves learning more about each other’s wounds and wanting to open up their hearts once more.

Will the hurt from their muddy past prove impossible to set aside? Or will Zane’s years’ long, arms’ length protection of her be enough to prove his love?

Pick up this funny, heart-warming, uplifting conclusion to the Silver Plum series today!

My review

There are not many things better than finding a new to you author. Loving their book and realizing that there are a bunch more in the series to read!

This book by Deb Goodman is so great! I didn’t want to put it down and I read it so quickly. I loved the way the author wrote her characters, her plot, the setting. Really this book is so good. You can bet I’ll be checking out the rest of the books in this series as soon as I can! But at the same time, it stands alone just fine. I didn’t feel lost for not having read the other books, and that’s a huge thing.

I loved Mabel and Zane. These two are so perfect for each other. And everyone in their friend group, KNO, knows it. So they’ve tried to “ship” them for years. It’s so cute to see it in this book. Because each of their friends are finding the love of their life and getting married. That just leaves Mabel and Zane.

The reader learns a lot about these two. Mabel doesn’t really trust Zane because of something that happened when they were teenagers. And neither of them realizes that the other cares for them. It was really fun to see their eyes open to that. And to see their relationships grow through all of the things that happened to them.

I have not found very many, if any, books that were set near the place I grew up. But this series is. And it made me happy.

Grab this book if you love a small town, second chance romance. You won’t regret it!

I was sent an e-copy of Love and Second Chances as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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