Just Add Romance

No commitment? He can do that. A fling? She can do that.

There’s no harm in adding a little romance.

(Author interrupting here: Hi friends, this book used be titled Loving Her Fling from the Hidden Hollows series. I received the publishing rights back, so Just Add Romance is the same book with a new title, new cover, and new series name. Hope you enjoy! xoxo –Heather)

Everly Kane’s life might be on a Plan B track, but she’s perfectly content with her job, her nights out at the movies, and putting her past behind her. She certainly doesn’t need to be reminded over and over that her sister is, well, engaged to Everly’s ex. Spending time with the visiting architect in town is the distraction that she needs.

Austin Hayes is the architect hired to redesign Everly’s beloved theater. As a widower with a young daughter, the last thing he wants is to juggle another relationship. Thankfully, Austin is only in Everly Falls for a few weeks. What could be better than having a fling with a guy who has no power to break her heart?

My review

I really enjoyed this book. It’s a quick, easy read. And I loved the small town feel.

Everly is such a great character. I loved the way she was a rock of normalcy in the waves of crazy her mom and sister kept putting off. She’s the kind of girl who wants to have her own space, takes in a stray cat. And goes to the movie by herself and sits in the very center of the theater.

That’s where she meets Austin. Austin has had a rough go. He’s a widowed single dad. Just trying to be the best dad he can be. I really liked that about Austin. His daughter was his whole world. And everything he did, he did for her.

When these two come together…I want to say it was magic. But they had a lot of things to go through first. And things to learn as well. But I loved watching their journey. This is such a cute story!

I was sent a copy of Just Add Romance as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About Landin’ in Trouble

landin in trouble

One woman is about to ruin everything.

They call me Landon-In-Trouble for a reason. I think it has something to do with my dimples and
ability to charm my way out of anything. And if causing a little trouble grabs the attention of a beautiful woman, even better.
The spotlight and I are old friends and perfect partners.

That is, until Brynn Foster dances her way into my life and my heart. She’s stunning and
everything I never knew I wanted—grounded, down-to-earth, good with kids. She has this ability
to see right through my usual crap to the dark secrets beneath. But that’s just the problem–although my charm may have won her over once, it won’t be enough to keep her. She already gave up a career in the spotlight. There’s no way she’s going to compete with my need to still be in it, whether I have dimples or not.

So it’s time for an impossible choice: the life I always craved or the woman who’s unexpectedly
stolen my heart.

Landin’ in Trouble is a sweet and sizzling closed-door romcom that will have you laughing out
loud. It also includes the sensitive topic of disordered eating. Please be aware should this be a triggering subject for you.

My review

I love these books set in Creekville! The characters there, especially Gran, are some of my favorite characters ever. I loved that we get to see both the now and the then chapters in this book. It really helped to understand Landon and Brynn’s relationship. And how they got where they are.

Both Landon and Brynn have done some growing and changing. But neither is really sure of the other. And that makes things between them a little awkward at first. I loved the way Brynn is pretending to be engaged, on Izzy’s advice. But Landon knows and she doesn’t know he knows. This whole beginning bit made me laugh.

This is a rom-com. But it deals with some serious things. Brynn’s disordered eating is a huge one. I love how the reader can tell she was trying to get over it. But…it’s one of those things that just seems to get stuck in your mind. It’s hard to get over that kind of thing.

This book was one of those books. It made me laugh. I worried over the characters in different spots. And I just loved the ending. I’ll be thinking about this one for a while.

I was sent an e-copy of Landin’ in Trouble as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About Secrets of the Looking Glass

secrets of the looking glass

After returning from Wonderland, Celia and Tyrus journey to the Looking-Glass World to reclaim their mirror images and stop a war between two powerful queens.

When a dark creature called the Bandersnatch steals Lewis Carroll’s lost diaries, Celia and Tyrus try to get it back but are tricked into passing through a magic mirror into the Looking-Glass World, a place where everything—themselves included—are divided in two, like identical twins. Celia’s astute logic and Tyrus’s exceptional imagination now belong to their mirror images, Lia and Ty, who are generals in the Red Queen’s Army, which is at war against the White Kingdom.

Left without their greatest problem-solving skills, Celia and Tyrus must rely on each other more than ever as they play a massive game of chess to try to catch their mirror images, who always seem to be one step ahead of them. Along the way, they engage in a rhyming battle with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, seek advice from Humpty and Dumpty, and learn how to believe in the impossible from the White Queen, who remembers the future as if it were the past.

As the final battle draws near, Celia and Tyrus form an uneasy alliance with Lia and Ty in order to find the legendary vorpal sword—the only weapon powerful enough to stop the war. If they fail, not only will two kingdoms be destroyed, but Celia and Tyrus might never regain their stolen talents and be trapped in the Looking-Glass World forever.

My review

I love it when you can find a series that you can read with your children and enjoy as much as they do. This is one of those! The characters are fantastic. And the setting pulls the reader in. I loved this one so much!

It seems to me that you’d want to read the first one, The Lost Wonderland Diaries first. You may not understand the characters or what had happened previously without reading it. And it’s a fantastic story as well!

Celia and Tyrus are the heroes of this story. I loved these two. The way they support each other in the dog eat dog world of school is so great. Tyrus even going out of his way to learn about Celia’s favorite game and hobby of playing chess.

I loved the way these two learn a lot about themselves in this book. They each thought they were one thing. And when that one thing was taken away, they were lost for a minute. But as they went along, they discover that they are more than what they thought they were. And that is a priceless lesson any of us can learn.

This is a great book for middle grade readers. And I personally can’t wait for the next installment, at least I hope there will be another installment.

I was sent a copy of Secrets of the Looking Glass as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About Healing Hazel

Healing Hazel

Hazel Thornton has one great ambition: to help the sick and wounded as a nurse. But that dream can never become a reality. After a devastating childhood trauma, she has spent her life battling fits of panic that make it impossible to finish her studies. Everything changes, however, when a trip to Spain takes a perilous turn that derails her plans to visit her father for Christmas and immediately plunges her into the dangers of a brutal war.

With single-minded focus, she springs into action to help her fellow travelers. To ensure their continued care, she begins work at a Spanish hospital alongside Dr. Jim Jackson, a man whose only emotion seems to be wariness of his new assistant. Armed with gifts of support from each of her dearest friends, a group that dubs themselves the Blue Orchid Society, Hazel embarks on a journey of hope and healing to battle the demons of her past with the help of the doctor who has captured her heart.

My review

I’m loving each and every one of these Blue Orchid Society novels. If I’m going to pick a favorite right now, it’s going to be Hazel. I loved her story so much!

Hazel is a young woman who has been training to be a nurse. Something that I really loved about Hazel was the way she thought that she wasn’t strong. I think in a way she thought that she was broken. Because Hazel suffers from severe anxiety. But as Hazel goes on this journey, she learns that she isn’t broken. Is she perfect, no way! But are any of us? Hazel learns that she is strong, even with her anxiety, and that was beautiful.

I really liked Jim as well. Jim deals with a lot of things, due to his background. And that makes it hard for him to let people in. But he lets Hazel in without even thinking about it. I loved watching these two characters as they lived and worked together. There were a lot of misunderstandings between the two of them. But they were there for each other when it really counted.

I loved the ending of this one so much! You’re going to have to read it to see just why. This book is so great! I loved every bit of it.

I was sent a copy of Healing Hazel as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About Six Days with My Celebrity Ex

Six Days with My Celebrity Ex

Dawson Cain is every woman’s dream, but for Brinley, dating him was more like a nightmare.

The onscreen kisses with other women were only a small part of the battle.
The bigger issue was the celebrity pursuit Dawson couldn’t get enough of.

But Dawson has changed his ways, or so he says.

Will six days in a social experiment be enough to prove that he’s worthy of a second chance,
or will Brinley walk away from him a second time?

My review

I’ve been loving this series! The other books had five days instead of six, so it was kind of fun to find out what the twist was in this one to make it six. I loved the characters, and the plot was fun. This book made me laugh. And that’s always a happy thing.

Brinley is your down to earth normal girl. She’s a makeup artist for the stars. And her cats! She has two. A normal cat and a cat from you know where. And that cat, Moonshine, made me laugh really hard. But I loved how Brinley learned something from her cats about life and people. She learned that things weren’t always what they seemed. And that applied to her ex, Dawson and their relationship.

I loved that the reader got to see things through Dawson’s eyes as well as Brinley’s. He was a great guy. Way better than Brinley thought he was. He let her have the only bed. And took care of her cats when needed. And there was a really funny scene with a litter box. You’ll have to read that one on your own!

I love the idea of a reality show getting exes back together. This one is such a great book. The whole series is really great! I hope there will be more.

I was sent an e-copy of Six Days with My Celebrity Ex as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About To Steal a Heart

to steal a heart

Coming home has never been so thrilling … or deadly.

When New York Times Bestselling author, Arden Chasing, returns home to Honeysuckle Island to attend a diamond exhibition held at The Oliver Hotel, she soon finds herself embroiled in a perplexing mystery that involves the charming and charismatic Garrett Singleton, a known jewel thief.

As the mystery deeps and danger closes in, Arden fears she might lose something even more valuable than the celebrated pink Finkle diamond—her heart.

My review

I’ve been loving this whole series by Jennifer Youngblood. That’s why I put the first 4 books in the what to read next section below. Make sure you read them in order though. They can stand on their own, but you’ll understand things better if you read them in order.

This one features Arden. I’ll be honest. Arden is a character I’ve had a hard time with in the other books. I loved that the reader sees a different side of her in this one. And I grew to like her. Arden in an author and she’s gone to Carmel to try to get a feel for the book she’s working on. That’s where she meets Crew.

Crew saves her just when she needs it most. But because of who her family is, Arden doesn’t feel like she can tell him who she really is. And the lies just spiral from there. But Arden learned something from all of this, and it is a good lesson for all of us.

Another character in this series I haven’t really liked is Arden’s grandmother. She’s kind of unkind…really blunt and just hard to relate to. But her character kind of redeemed herself for me in this one. And I can kind of see why she is how she is. And isn’t that how we learn to like people, by understanding them?

This one kept me on the edge of my seat! And I can’t wait for more books from this author.

I borrowed a copy of To Steal a Heart using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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About Engaging the Office Enemy

engaging the office enemy

I hate fakers—and Dax Nyhart is as fake as they come.

I also hate to lose.

My nemesis has been stealing all the best clients for the last year at the marketing firm where we both work—and not because he’s better than me. Because 1) his uncle is the boss and 2) he kisses up to people.

And I’m sick of it.

So when he asks me to fake an engagement so he can land another job—far away from me—I agree. It’s only one dinner, right?

Yeah, sure. One dinner turns into an entire Caribbean cruise. But I’ll do anything to get rid of this pain in my backside. Even pretend to like Dax. Or love him, as it were.

Even hold his hand, laugh with him … kiss him. Discover that maybe there’s more to Dax Nyhart than meets the eye.

The problem? I have no idea what’s fake and what’s real anymore. I’m afraid this game we’re playing might leave me losing more than just clients to Dax.

And this loss might be the most painful of all.

Fans of Jenny Proctor and Emma St. Clair will love this closed-door, friends-to-lovers romantic comedy with lots of sizzle and spice, but no on-page explicit content.

My review

I don’t know what it was about this book. But it really just worked for me. I loved everything about it!

Alexis is a character I’ve misunderstood as I’ve read the other books in this series. I loved getting to know her a little bit better in this one. Her sassiness was really endearing to me. And I loved how she enjoyed sparring with Dax.

Dax is a great guy too. Alexis really doesn’t understand him for a lot of the book. And when she does….she likes him a lot more than at the beginning. And I really loved how he called Alexis Rainbow Brite or RB. She thought it was because of her hair, but his reason was so much better.

How could I not love the setting of this one?! Part of it is in San Diego and part is on a cruise ship. It just made me want to go on a vacation! And that cruise ship setting, if you like one bed stories, you will love it!

This book is so great! Make sure you grab it, you won’t want to miss it!

I was sent an e-copy of Engaging the Office Enemy as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About Censorshipped

I am finally over my crush on Duke. Completely done.

Duke’s always been like a big brother to me … a big brother with abs of steel, a heart of gold, and those dimples that make my heart rate double whenever he smiles.

As far as Duke’s concerned, I’ll always be his best friend Chris’ little sister—the little girl who dunked his Darth Vader action figure in Elmers glue and glitter.

Even if Duke noticed me, it wouldn’t matter. I’m so off limits, I may as well be wearing an outfit made entirely of caution tape. We both know Chris would enlist a special ops tactical team to hunt Duke down if he ever pursued anything beyond friendship with me.

Good thing I’m over Duke. One hundred percent attraction-free, that’s me. Well, mostly … until I accidentally send him one of my usual scrambled texts (thank you, autocorrect) … and he thinks I’m hitting on him.

I’m mortified enough to momentarily consider relocating someplace obscure like Greenland. I can never show my face around town again. I’ll buy a parka and an ice pick and learn to love fish. A lot.

But then Duke answers my text …
Am I dreaming? He’s not mad. He’s not even making fun of me.
In fact, it seems like he might be flirting back

I guess I might not be completely over this crush after all.

Just don’t tell my brother.

My review

There is nothing I didn’t love about this one! Savannah Scott has such a way with her plot, her characters and her setting. It just leaves the reader wanting more!

This book features Shannon and Duke. And these two have chemistry. So much chemistry! I loved every bit of their interactions. Something great about these two is that they’ve known each other as long as they can remember. And they have told everyone they are like brother and sister. Only…they’ve both had feelings for the other for a really long time!

I loved how Duke is a little bit misrepresented throughout the series. In the other books he seems to be a huge player. But that’s not really the whole story. And it was fun to see his point of view on his relationships. And how he felt for Shannon. He really is a great guy. And things are changing rapidly for him, making this story line move along quickly.

I loved Shannon too! She’s kind of sassy, but really sweet at the same time. I loved the way she was figuring out her own dreams as she went along. And learning what she really wanted from life. And her texting….those parts were so funny!

The whole town of Bordeaux is full of zany characters. And they are all back in this one. Each and every one of them has a special place in my heart. They make me laugh so hard. Man, I love Bord-ox!

Now that I’ve read this one, I’m sitting here impatiently waiting for the next book in the series. I hope it hurries!

I was sent an e-copy of Censorshipped as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About Love in Writing

love in writing

Allie has sworn off dating.

Which is unfortunate, because the cute guy at the grocery store has finally struck up a conversation, and shy and sweet Ben is even more adorable than he looks. When an ex shows up trying to rekindle the flame at the same time her mother tries to set her up with a neighbor, Allie ropes Ben into being her fake boyfriend to get everyone off her back.

Ben has been in love with the stranger at the grocery store for months despite never speaking to her. When he finally works up the courage to say hi, he’s suddenly thrown into a fake relationship with no chance of things becoming real. Not unless he helps Allie on her journey of self-discovery.

A weekend of pretending to be a couple turns into weeks of hanging out and discovering together the people they want to be. But despite Allie’s growing feelings for practically perfect Ben, she isn’t sure she can risk the best friendship she’s ever had when all of her past relationships have failed.

Or maybe a little risk is worth a chance at real love.

Love in Writing is a sweet, closed-door romantic comedy that can be read as a standalone or part of the series.

My review

I’m completely loving The Wonder Boys series. You can check out my review of Love on Camera. Each of the guys in the series are so great. I love the way they look out for each other.

This book is about Ben. Ben is the middle child of a big family. And he never really felt noticed there. That’s why the Wonder Boys were so important to him. It was the one place where he really mattered and was seen. Ben’s life is kind of boring. He works at the same fun center that he had worked at for a really long time. And he lives with Cam in a boring apartment. I love the way he looks forward to his grocery shopping so he can see the girl he likes there. But he doesn’t talk to her. Until he does.

Ally is the girl at the grocery store. She’s noticed Ben too. I love the way she grabs onto him when she needs someone to rescue her. Even though she doesn’t really know him. And the way he just goes along with her is great too. Both Ally and Ben needed to learn about themselves. I really loved the way they helped each other with that.

These two are great together! There are so many fun moments. I loved the Halloween scene. And how they work together to get Ally accepted at her job. And the ending….I loved it!

If you like fake relationships, you’ll love this one!

I was sent an e-copy of Love in Writing as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About Sinister Secrets

sinister secrets

Prepare for heart-pounding danger in Sinister Secrets, featuring suspense novellas from three of your favorite writers. With all the thrills and chills you’ve come to expect from these best-selling authors, this must-have compilation will keep you at the edge of your seat until the very last page. 

  • Traci Hunter Abramson: Secrets of St. Augustine FBI Special Agent Doug Valdez is in France looking for money launderers. The last thing he expects is to find a young girl fleeing for her life or the deadly game of cat and mouse that ensues.
  • Clair M. Poulson: Hounded Recently retired Army Ranger Renn Huitt has found the perfect job. Working for Bob, a private investigator nearing retirement, should be easy. But Bob has put a lot of people behind bars—people who hold a grudge. And now they are coming for him.
  • Paige Edwards: In Plain Sight Jaclyn Girard was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and now she’s caught in the middle of a deadly investigation. With danger mounting, she must work alongside FBI operative Cody Ackert if she hopes to survive. 

My review

Do you like to read books that are full of suspense and keep you on the edge of your seat? If your answer is yes, this book is for you! This book is a collection of three novellas full of danger, intrigue and a touch of romance. I loved it!

First you’ll find Secrets of St Augustine by Traci Hunter Abramson. This one was so great! I loved the way the author took me to France in this one. The reader quickly learns about Layla and they are immersed in her world as she deals with some lies that have been told to her. Lies that could cost her her life. But Doug Valdez thinks quickly and is able to help her. The author did such a great job with this one. I loved that it doesn’t seem like a novella.

Next up is Hounded by Clair Poulson. Renn Huitt is hired as a private investigator in this one. And his job starts with a bang, literally. I loved the way the author weaved several story lines in this one. He created great characters, who the reader wants to be okay. This one was so great!

Last we have In Plain Sight by Paige Edwards. This is one of those novellas that I wanted to scream at the main characters to not do what they were doing. The reader knows at least a little of both the minds of the criminals and the good guys. And sometimes that’s the most suspenseful way. You know that something bad is going to happen and, as a reader, you have no way to stop it. The characters, especially Jaclyn and Cody are so well done in this book. I loved reading it! And yelling at them.

This whole book is so well done! I couldn’t put it down.

I was sent a copy of Sinister Secrets as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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