About Doctorshipped


I’m the absolute last remaining single woman in the entire town of Bordeaux.
Okay, maybe not the very last.
Just the last one with all her teeth, natural hair color, and the ability to remember where I set my keys.

I decided years ago that I’m going to remain single until my dying day.
I’ll infuse a new, hip meaning into the term “old cat lady.”
I don’t need a man.
I’ve got my bulldog, my cats and some of the best friends in the world.
My cup’s not half-full—It’s overflowing.

My man-free life is going along fine until the day I walk into my new job as a part-time tutor to the daughter of the new doctor in town. The sight of this man is making my skin tingle and my breath hitch, and something very much like butterflies are erupting in my stomach.
I don’t do butterflies over a man.

My reaction doesn’t mean I need to change my stance on men. After all, Grant’s a broody, stern, cantankerous man. If I were going to start dating, it certainly wouldn’t be someone who obviously hasn’t smiled since he was forced to for school pictures.

But then his daughter walks in the room and his face lights up.
That smile. Who knew swooning was a real thing?
Still, I’m not dating. And that’s final.

Doctorshipped is a closed-door, small town romcom that will make you laugh out loud and give you all the feels. You can expect kissing scenes that might melt your kindle, but there are no explicit scenes.

My review

Bordeaux is one of my favorite fictional towns ever. After this book, it’s even more so. I loved how the town comes together in this book to help out Jayme. But there is so much more to this book than that.

How can you not love a grump? Especially one like Grant who anyone can tell loves his daughter so very much. Grant and Fiona were definitely a big part of this book. And a great part too. Fiona made me laugh with all of her pets. And Grant made me laugh with how grumpy he was. These two are so great!

Then there’s Jayme. I loved her optimism. And all of her graphic tees. Also the way she falls for Fiona right away. Jayme is the perfect female lead. I loved her so much!

The plot of this one was so great! You’d think, it’s a rom-com, no twist, right? Well, you’d be so wrong with this one. There was a huge twist. And you’re never going to guess it before you find it in the book. At least I didn’t.

I loved seeing all of my favorite characters from Bordeaux in this one again. All of Jayme’s girlfriends and their guys are in there. It’s always fun to see what they’re up to. You could read this one as a stand alone book. But you’ll love it so much more if you read the other first.

I loved every bit of this one. You need to read it!

I was sent an e-copy of Doctorshipped as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About The Sisters of Sea View

Some guests have come for a holiday, others for hidden reasons of their own . . .

When their father’s death leaves them impoverished, Sarah Summers and her genteel sisters fear they will be forced to sell the house and separate to earn livelihoods as governesses or companions. Determined to stay together, Sarah convinces them to open their seaside home to guests to make ends meet and provide for their ailing mother. Instead of the elderly invalids they expect to receive, however, they find themselves hosting eligible gentlemen. Sarah is soon torn between a growing attraction to a mysterious Scottish widower and duty to her family.

Viola Summers wears a veil to cover her scar. When forced to choose between helping in her family’s new guest house and earning money to hire a maid to do her share, she chooses the latter. She reluctantly agrees to read to some of Sidmouth’s many invalids, preferring the company of a few elders with failing eyesight to the fashionable guests staying in their home. But when her first client turns out to be a wounded officer in his thirties, Viola soon wishes she had chosen differently. Her new situation exposes her scars–both visible and those hidden deep within–and her cloistered heart will never be the same.

Join the Summers sisters on the Devonshire coast, where they discover the power of friendship, loyalty, love, and new beginnings.

My review

This is my very first Julie Klassen book. But, luckily for me, I still have the one I got for my last birthday in my TBR pile. Hopefully I’ll have some extra time over Christmas vacation to read it.

I loved everything about this book. The story grabbed my attention from the very beginning. I loved the idea of the 4 sisters, running the house. And taking care of every thing that needed taken care of. I loved that the reader got to see at least a little bit through the eyes of each of the sisters. Each of them are amazing individuals.

I loved Sarah for her determination. She wants to keep her family together, not have them go off to be nannies or companions where ever they are needed. She makes the inn work. And she works hard to do so.

Emily is a creative one. She loves to read. And I loved that about her. She’s also a bit impetuous and gets caught in her old room when she shouldn’t be there.

Viola is Emily’s twin. I loved her. She has a scar. But through the story, she learns something about herself. And that is something we all need to learn. That we are each just fine how we are. We are who we are meant to be. And I loved seeing her learn that!

Last is Georgiana. She’s the youngest sister. And the most busy. Georgie likes to play outside games. And she wants to have the attic to herself. I loved how she solved a mystery in the book without even knowing it.

The plot of this book will keep you guessing. And intrigued from the very beginning. At least, that’s how it was for me.

I was sent a copy of The Sisters of Sea View as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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Video introduction to The Sisters of Sea View by the author, Julie Klassen

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About Love on Display

Love on Display

They’re sworn enemies. They also happen to be incredibly attracted to one another.

After bonding at a half-marathon, rival gym owners Cam and Kailani discover the person they thought could be their soulmate turns out to be the reason their respective businesses are failing. When a heat-of-the-moment kiss leads to the pair becoming viral sensations, they pretend to be a couple to keep up interest despite the hatred they feel toward each other.

But new clients are not the only thing drawn in by the star-crossed lovers’ fake relationship. They also grab the attention of a famous fitness mogul who tells them he wants to sponsor one of their gyms. The catch? One of them has to beat the other in a televised competition.

With undeniable attraction pulling the two together for real, Cam and Kailani agree to set their differences aside and enjoy the time they get to spend together while competing. Each new challenge becomes a chance for the two of them to get to know each other better, but their pasts keep getting in the way.

Unless they can learn to truly trust each other, not even a miracle can save a relationship that was doomed from the start.

Love on Display is a sweet, closed door romantic comedy that can be read as a standalone or as part of the series.

My review

I’ve been loving this whole series by Dana LeCheminant. Both Love on Camera and Love in Writing were amazing books. Make sure to read them!

This book features Cam. And it was really fun to get to know him better. I loved the kind of guy he is. He’s the kind of guy who wants to help others. To the point that he lives in an unfinished apartment above his brand new gym. I really loved the way he was with Kailani. The reader can tell that he cares about her, and wants her to get her dreams as well. And he wants her to see herself as he and others see her. That was such a great part of the story.

Kailani also wants to help others. It was funny how much alike Cam and Kailani were with their goals for their gyms and where they lived. Kailani feels as though she was a little lost in her family. The reader gets to see why later in the book. I loved the way she was able to change her focus and see her life through a little better life.

I love that the Wonder Boys are all here in this one. The reader gets to see a lot of Kit. And that was fun. But there was also the relationship with Oliver and Cam. And I love the way that was shown in this book.

This book was so great! I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

I bought my own copy of Love on Display. All opinions are my own.

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About Scrooge and the Girls Next Door

Scrooge and the Girls Next Door

When the sunniest woman in Creekville buys the house next to the grumpiest man on the street, sparks fly . . . and not just because she keeps blowing his fuses…

Twenty-six-year-old Paige Redmond, single mom and go-getter, can’t wait to give her daughter, Evie, the Christmas of her dreams. Nothing can get in Paige’s way, not even her newly purchased fixer-upper cottage needing way more fixing than she planned.

Paige tackles the holiday with Clark Griswold spirit, amusing the entire town—except for her humbug next door neighbor, the grumpy but deliciously handsome Professor Henry Hill. With the help of colorful friends and found family—plus a feral cat and a pancake snowman—Paige and Evie wage a campaign to cure the cranky professor of his Christmas blues.

When Paige’s feelings for Henry wind up as tangled as her Christmas lights, there’s suddenly more than Christmas spirit on the line. Will Henry pull the plug on their first solo Christmas? Or can Paige and Evie convince the town’s biggest scrooge to open his grinchy heart to the holiday . . . and to them?

My review

There isn’t much I love as much as a Christmas rom-com. This one by Melanie Jacobson has so much going for it. I loved the plot, the characters, and the little town of Creekville!

I was so glad to see Paige get her own love story. She is such a great person. And I love her daughter, Evie, so much. Both of them were just rays of sunshine for the whole town. Paige is just so excited to finally get to buy her own house. And that was one of my favorite parts of the story. Her enthusiasm for her home and having their very first perfect Christmas there. And that’s what gets her into trouble with the next door neighbor, Henry.

Henry was a bit of a curmudgeon. He didn’t like Christmas. Also he didn’t like kids. And he really didn’t like anything to do with Christmas and kids right next door to him. I had to really laugh at the way Paige’s decorating for Christmas escalated because of that. But I also really loved the way Evie dealt with it. She was really the whole reason that Henry moved on from his hate of Christmas. And I loved that!

This book made me laugh, so many times. It made me cry just a little bit. And it definitely made me want to keep reading it! You need this great book in your life.

I borrowed a copy of Scrooge and the Girls Next Door using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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About Romancing Blake

Romancing Blake

A fake date. A fictional job. An epic scheme…
Except falling for the girl was never part of the plan.

Blake Minola had the prettiest smile—that is, when she chose to smile. And she could bake a cake so mouthwatering, you’d beg to gain five pounds.

However, at work, she had been stuck on gender reveal cake duty. In her personal life, she’d been burned by her ex—crunchy, black, smoking burned. Between the two, she rarely showed off that pretty smile. Yep, Blake Minola was in a funk, a boring-bake, non-smiling, unhappy funk.

Royce Valentine had one job… one little task and his cousin would set him up with the promotion of a lifetime… All he had to do was make the sister of his cousin’s crush happy. Complicated? Not for Royce. He could do that, no sweat. A little swooning, a little charming, and Royce would have Blake Minola smiling again. Or so he thought.

The trouble is, Blake refuses to be charmed. If only she’d accept ONE of his many date offers. But then, getting to know Blake isn’t how Royce imagined it to be. He’d hoped to be able to survive her company. He never realized he’d enjoy it. And her cake? He’d do just about anything to eat something Blake decided to bake.

Just because nothing went as planned didn’t mean Royce couldn’t handle the situation. The scheme wasn’t spiraling. He’d never go and do something stupid—like say—falling for the girl.

My review

I really enjoyed reading this one. The author had great characters, an interesting plot and I really loved the differing points of view. This book is kind of two romance stories in one. And that was intriguing.

The first character the reader meets is Juliana. She was a likeable girl. One thing about her was that her job came before literally everything. Including her sister and her dad. That made her love story with Jack just a little harder that it had to be. She had a hard time making time for anything or anybody.

I liked Jack. He was a caring guy. One thing I really liked about him was the way he noticed people and what they needed. He was the one to let Juliana know that she needed to be there more for Blake. I kind of felt bad for him, at least in some parts of the story. Because Juliana didn’t notice him for quite a long time. But he was ever there, ever caring for her in the background.

Blake is Juliana’s sister. And Blake had a rough breakup. She hasn’t come out of her angry phase yet. And she’s forced to make baby reveal cake after baby reveal cake. Blake clearly needed an intervention! I really loved her character when she started to be herself again!

Then there’s Royce. Royce is Jack’s cousin and he is tasked, by Jack, with helping Blake. He needed to find someone to hire her to make a lovely cake. And he did, or thought he did. Only it didn’t work out. And he was also supposed to fake a few dates. I loved that he got himself into so much trouble with this one. And that he was able to see beyond Blake’s prickly exterior to the true girl.

This book has tons to keep the reader’s attention. I really enjoyed it!

I was sent an e-copy of Romancing Blake as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About Behind the Light of Golowduyn

Behind the Light of Golowduyn

She’s the keeper of Golowduyn Lighthouse. He’s the captain who shipwrecked on her watch. A marriage of convenience can save her home—if secrets don’t destroy it first.

A Regency Romance Cornwall, 1815
Abigail Moore will do anything to keep Golowduyn Lighthouse shining brightly, even if she must do so alone. When a shipwreck occurs near her home one stormy evening—bringing with it a dashing captain keen to offer his aid at every turn—her days of isolation vanish.

Captain Gavin Kendricks didn’t expect to end his naval career by crashing his ship against the rugged cliffs of Cornwall. When he’s pulled from the sea by the fearless and quick-tempered Miss Moore, a tentative friendship forms between them, and he begins to realize what has been missing from his life.

Before either of them can explore these newfound stirrings, death and deception hit Golowduyn, and Abigail is left with a choice. Either she loses everything she has ever loved, or she marries the captain and accepts his help. Unable to give up the lighthouse, she agrees to the union, and they work together to see that the light does not diminish. But when her childhood secrets are unearthed, and their property falls victim to troubling defacement, their marriage threatens to crumble. Gavin fights to gain her confidence, but only Abigail can forget the crippling memories of her past to trust Gavin with Golowduyn—and her heart.

This is the first book in the clean and sweet Regency Cornish Romance series by Deborah M. Hathaway. Although this marriage of convenience, rise-in-status romance is a stand-alone novel, the books are best enjoyed when read in order.

My review

I think this might be my first book by Deborah M Hathaway. But it won’t be my last. This book hooked me from the very first page. And it kept me entranced until the very last page. I didn’t want to put it down!

Abigail is such a great character. She is a hard worker. Abigail has had to take care of everything to do with Golowduyn lighthouse since her uncle was injured. And it’s a lot of hard work and very little sleep. I loved that she wasn’t afraid to take her boat out on the ocean to rescue a couple of men from a shipwreck. And then she brought them back to the lighthouse and went to work helping to fix wounds. Such an amazing woman!

I really loved Gavin as well. He was the captain of the shipwrecked vessel. And, instead of just moving on, he retires and chooses to try to help Abigail just when she needs it the most. He was a little bit dense about some of the other women around, but when he decides to marry Abigail, she becomes his everything. And I loved that about him.

This book was so amazing! I need to read more by this author right away!

Behind the Light of Golowduyn did not disappoint!

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About The Best Intentions

the best intentions

In the eyes of London Society, Gillian Phelps is suitable enough. Though the ton whispers about her change of residence, any speculation remains just that: ballroom gossip. No one—not even the other Huntresses, the group of ladies she calls her dearest friends—knows that she is harboring a devastating family secret. Gillian has become adept at hiding the reality of her circumstances, but the close quarters of a house party will test her ability to conceal the crushing truth. And with so many people to deceive, the late arrival of another guest is a most unwelcome surprise.

Despite his standing as a gentleman of the ton, in truth, Scott Sarvol possesses little more than two debt-riddled estates. When an opportunity arises to survey one of his properties, he travels north, only to find himself an unwitting guest at Artemis Jonquil’s house party. He is warmly welcomed by all—except the aloof Miss Gillian Phelps. But when Scott proves himself unexpectedly helpful in a crisis, his acquaintance with Gillian shifts from wariness to something warmer.

As both her charade and her feelings for Scott deepen, Gillian realizes that the truth could spell not only a devastating fall from Society but also a shattered heart.

My review

I loved reading this one. Seeing a few of the members of some of Sarah Eden’s other families was one of my very favorite parts. Her characters just stick with you. In fact, reading this one made me want to re-read Charming Artemis.

I loved Gillian. She is one of Artemis’ Huntresses. So when Artemis has a house party, she’s definitely invited. Gillian is very careful about who she lets in. And how far she lets them in. She has to be. Gillian has a secret that could tear her life and reputation apart.

And Scott. He is one of the good guys. He knows that Gillian isn’t sure about him. But he feels compelled to go out of his way to help her when she needs him to. But Scott also has some problems. He’s inherited his Uncle’s title and properties…as well as the debt he had wracked up. There were a few things that surprised me about that. Number one that he was able to inherit his debt. Wow, how crazy is that. And did you know there was a tax on the windows that you had during this time period? I had no idea. But it’s on my list of things to learn about now.

I loved the way Mater and her family made cameo appearances in this one. And the way they went out of their way to help Scott, and to make sure he knew he was part of their family. They really are the best. I only wish they were real!

I loved this book! And I can’t wait for more.

I was sent an e-copy of The Best Intentions as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About A Newport Christmess

a newport christmess

Love can be downright messy.

This last year has been a total disaster, but my failed six-month marriage takes the cake. While my ex is out having the time of his life, my coping mechanisms consist of an unhealthy obsession with true-crime podcasts and trying to revive my floundering social media account.

So, when I get an offer from one of social media’s darlings—Nikki Aker—to make gingerbread centerpieces for her Christmas wedding, I can’t refuse. Not only because the job pays well (my maxed-out credit card will attest to how much I need this money), but it’s a last-ditch effort to increase my following before I’m forced to get “a real job.”

There’s only one small problem I didn’t account for: Nikki’s a self-proclaimed matchmaker, and apparently, I’m her next target. My only hope to escape unscathed is to conspire with Nikki’s grumpy—albeit gorgeous—brother, Landon, who seems equally determined to get through this wedding with his single status fully intact.

All we need to do is convince Nikki we’re developing feelings for each other. What can possibly go wrong?

My review

I am loving these Christmas Escape novels! A bunch of my favorite authors got together and all wrote one of these. I’ve only read 2 so far, but they were both so good. I love that they stand alone, so they can be read in any order.

This one is Quinn’s story. Quinn is a social media influencer. She’s been badly hurt by her ex-husband. I had to laugh at how she didn’t trust anyone. Quinn is just a little bit paranoid about a lot of things. And that made her feel real. Quinn was asked by her good friend, Nikki, to make gingerbread houses as center pieces for her wedding. And these were not just any gingerbread houses. They were works of art.

Little did Quinn know that she was going to fly clear across the country to make the gingerbread houses. Or that Nikki was going to throw her and Nikki’s brother, Landon together.

I loved Landon. He’s just the right type of nice guy. I love the way he took all of the craziness of life in stride. And how he helped Quinn to be a bit more that was as well. These two really complemented each other. But it did take them quite a while to figure things out.

I loved everything about this one. It’s time to read a few more of these!

I was sent an e-copy of A Newport Christmess as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About The Call of the Sea

The Call of the Sea

On the eve of her betrothal to a nobleman she’s never met, Rhiannon seeks comfort on the shores of the sea she loves so well. But instead of offering peace to her uneasy heart, the ocean heralds doom with the arrival of dreaded Viking ships. A vicious raid leads to the death of her beloved father and leaves Rhiannon’s life in tatters. Heartbroken, she travels to Ynys Môn, where she takes up residence at the royal court of Owain Gwynedd. 

Leif loves voyaging on the open water. As the son of a Viking chief, he’s accustomed to his people’s practice of plundering and looting. But when one of his companions ruthlessly kills an old man in front of the man’s beautiful daughter, Leif is haunted by the memory. Desperate to find forgiveness for the atrocity he allowed to occur, he’s offered a chance at redemption through the kindly teachings of an Irish priest and the unexpected arrival of a royal fugitive. Suddenly thrust into the midst of the Cymry’s political turmoil, Leif is reunited with the dead man’s daughter—Rhiannon. Forced to work side by side to uncover the truth behind the turmoil, they come to discover that love can grow from even the most tragic of beginnings. But with such incompatible backgrounds, surely a future together can never be theirs.

My review

I have not ever read a book quite like this one. Sian Ann Bessey is an amazing author of historical fiction. I loved the way she included Vikings in this one about the people of Wales. She made this period of history jump off the page. And she included some great historical details at the end as well, so the reader learns just a little bit.

This would have been a hard period of time to live in. People died from disease or other things that we can help now far too often. Rhiannon had already lost her mother. And just when she least expects it, the Vikings kill her father. In front of her. That would have been something hard to recover from. I loved Rhiannon’s resilience and the way she helps her cousin later, as well.

Leif is a Viking who also witnessed Rhiannon’s father’s death. I loved the way he let that change him. He changes his believe in God because of it, and that was really a special part of the story. I also loved his curious mind. He’s unsure why he should believe things the way they have been presented. And works hard to find out the truth.

This is a sweeping story of love, intrigue, forgiveness and danger that you won’t want to miss!

I was sent an e-copy of The Call of the Sea as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About Merry Ex-Mas

Merry Ex-Mas

I haven’t been home for Christmas in eight years.

But that’s about to change. This year, I’m traveling to my small hometown to convince my producer to make me the permanent host of Good Day Denver.

The plan: Charm viewers by sharing my favorite family Christmas traditions, and in turn, get the likes, clicks and shares to land the job.

Not the plan: Running into my ex-boyfriend.

In my house.

For Christmas.

But here he is, a guest of my mother, who apparently had more trouble letting go of Max Weber than I did.

Unfortunately, he is as handsome and charming and talented and annoying and frustrating and flirty as ever.

Even more unfortunately, he seems to have a plan of his own—to convince me to give him a second chance.

Which is not happening.

There’s just one problem—my viewers love him. More than that, they love us. Me and Max. My ex.

The boy who broke my heart.

The boy I now have to fake flirt with to win over the hearts of my viewers.

But it’s not their hearts I’m worried about. . . it’s mine.

Merry Ex-Mas is a sweet, small town, second chance romance with a dash of not-so-fake flirting, a tiny bit of enemies to lovers and just enough forced proximity to make things sizzle.

My review

I love a book that reads like a Hallmark movie. Both of Courtney Walsh’s books do that. I read A Cross Country Christmas last year, so I was really excited that she had a new Christmas one for me to read this year. And I loved it as well!

Marin is the main female character in this one. She hasn’t been home for Christmas for a very long time. Because her heart was broken. And when she finally goes home for Christmas with a camera crew, she finds her ex-boyfriend opening her door. This starts a whole host of craziness for Marin. I had to laugh at all the things that happened to her. The parade scene may be my very favorite! But Marin starts to change and see things in a different way. And I think we all need that sometimes.

Then there’s Max. The ex-boyfriend. Max is a decent guy. He was actually trying to protect Marin, even though she didn’t see it that way. I loved that the reader got to see events through his eyes as well. And I love that Max had some things he needed to see in a different way too.

I loved the Christmas spirit that came from reading this one. It’s such a great book, make sure you read it!

I was sent an e-copy of Merry Ex-Mas as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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