About The Ebony

The ebony


Jane Sawyer enjoyed everything India had to offer. Having lived there since the death of her parents, the beautiful country had become her home. However, when her uncle accepts a position at Oxford University, her life takes an unexpected turn. From a treacherous storm that delays their journey, to recovering at an island where she almost drowns, Jane wonders if this is a foreshadowing of hard things to come.

But her thoughts begin to lighten when she discovers that the island holds more adventure than she could imagine. With fate’s twists and turns, and encouragement from a handsome captain, who comes to aid her on a few unfortunate occasions, Jane uncovers inner strength she didn’t know she had.

As enemy ships stalk the island’s shores, only destiny can decide Jane’s future with love and war. 

My review

I have read several really great historical romances at least partially set on the sea. This one can be added to that collection. Heather Fisher is a new author to me and I loved this book! I did not want to put it down.

Jane is such a great character. I loved how she was not as concerned about the rules of society as some of the ladies around her. Jane was raised in India by her uncle who was a doctor. And that’s really all she ever wants to be as well. That leads to some of the ladies on Saint Helena island to look down on her. And be mean. Women can be so catty.

How can the reader not adore James??? He goes out of his way to rescue Jane from the sea. You’ll really need to read it to find out why he needed to. But this is just one example of his chivalry, and not just to Jane. He is kind to all the women around him. And he tries to rid the island of men who aren’t kind to women.

I loved the plot of this book. One thing though, the ending is a huge cliffhanger. And I can’t wait to read what happens to Jane and James next.

I was sent a copy of The Ebony as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About So Not My Thing

So Not My Thing

I hated Miles Crowe more than poison ivy, itchy socks, the stink of the French Quarter on the hottest day of summer, people who didn’t use turn signals, “namaste” puns on yoga tank tops, and chigger bites. Combined.

26-year-old New Orleans native Elle Jones used to be the internet’s most famous meme for rejection thanks to an embarrassing teenage TV appearance. But she’s finally put that past behind her and now she’s killing it as a commercial real estate agent in the coolest neighborhoods in the city.

When Miles Crowe—the former pop star who made her notorious—insists on hiring her to find a property for his jazz club, she’ll do everything she can to get herself fired before he realizes who she is.

But Miles has grown up too, and Elle soon discovers that he is as passionate about the city as she is…and even sexier now than he was then. Will she risk exposing her humiliating past to claim a future with the guy who once nearly ruined her life?

My review

Melanie Jacobson is an auto-buy author for me. I know that any of her books that I pick up will be one I love. She has such a way of writing characters, and romantic comedy. And her settings seem to pop out of the books. I loved the feeling I got of being in New Orleans with this one, even though I’ve never been there. I need a trip to Cafe Du Monde for sure now!

This book is about Elle. She’s overcome her past. But…it still haunts her. And that past includes Miles Crowe. I had to laugh at the lengths she went to in the first chapter to become invisible to him when he was visiting her real estate agency. But she only made herself more visible, however that happened and she ended up being his real estate agent.

It was kind of funny how the reader knew what had happened between these two. But Miles had no idea. And that was how Elle wanted it. But Miles has changed. He isn’t the same self-centered teenager he was. And Elle was learning that as she went along.

These two had to figure out who they are in the present to reconcile with who they were in the past. And that is a beautiful journey.

I loved every bit of this book! Hopefully there’s more containing some of these same characters.

I was sent an e-copy of So Not My Thing as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About The Perfect Hit

The Perfect Hit

He’s got a crush, but can he make it out of the friend zone?

Colt Buttars knows nothing about theater, until Hazel enters his life. He’s liked her for months but isn’t sure how to tell her. Then the opportunity to try out something new, something besides sports, gives him the push to get out of his comfort zone, and hopefully, impress Hazel. The only problem is keeping that a secret long enough to figure out a plan.

The theater teacher asked Hazel Miller to write the spring play and it’s got her all sorts of nervous. But having Colt there helps, at least until he’s been asked to a dance by one of Hazel’s theater friends. Only then does she start to realize her feelings for him.

But will she be too late?

My review

I love a good YA romance. The ones that are sweet and clean just make me happy! This one by Britney M Mills was just cute. I loved her characters, her plot and really just the whole book.

Colt and Hazel are the main characters in this one. These two have been best friends for a while. But neither has been brave enough to tell the other that they’d like to be more. And this causes some issues later in the story when both are with other people on a date.

I liked Colt. He’s a baseball player. And that’s kind of all his family appears to want him to be. But Hazel has written a play and Colt wonders what it would be like to try it. I loved that he was brave enough to try it. And be all the way in too, not just lukewarm about it.

Hazel had a bad break up before she was friends with Colt. She’s not sure she wants to be brave and tell Colt how she feels in case everything goes wrong. But she still falls for him, even though she tries not to.

This book has a great cast of characters besides our main characters. I’m sure reading the other books in this series would introduce the reader to them. I can’t wait to read the rest and get to know them all.

I was sent a copy of The Perfect Hit as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About The Cost of Secrets

Museum curator Ray Peralta knows that at the best of times, the Superstition Mountain Museum is a magnet for treasure hunters chasing the legendary Lost Dutchman’s Mine. But this winter, his small desert town on the outskirts of Phoenix worries him as the visitors clear out and the vigilantes move in. Generally, the Sons of Liberty roll into Phoenix Valley for a week each winter with their souped-up army jeeps and dirt bikes to conduct drills in the desert and wreak havoc on the town before they leave. But this year, there is an undeniable tension in the air, and within days of the group’s arrival, instead of the usual trail of destruction, they leave a wake of death.

There are secrets lurking in the Superstition Mountains not related to any treasure. Countless people have lost their lives in that sweltering desert, and it isn’t the heat that has taken them. How did they die? That’s the real mystery. And in the midst of the riddle stands Ray, a man who swore an oath of secrecy—and he’ll die before he breaks it.

My review

I really enjoyed this book! Ray’s story sucked me in from the very beginning. I wanted to know why in the world some lady would drop a dead guy at his house. And why would it randomly get stolen. I liked Ray. He did seem a bit all over the place.

There is a whole cast of characters in this one that are great. It’d be interesting to see another book set in this same world so that the reader can see what happens not only to Ray, but to his mom and her group, Tiff and her husband and Ray’s cousin, Felicity and her family.

There were a bunch of things about the plot that were never explained to the reader. That actually didn’t bother me. The author did a good enough job with the things that were explained, that I enjoyed the book for what it was.

If you’re looking for a well-written, suspenseful book this is a good option.

I was sent a copy of The Cost of Secrets by the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About Enemies to Lovers: Her City Doctor

Enemies to Lovers: Her City Doctor

He’s grumpy and gruff…
And my boss…
But that doesn’t make him right.

When I call Dr. Mitchell out, and pretty much mess up his professional life, I expect to be ran out of the hospital.

He surprised me though.

The more I get to know him, the more I realize he’s so much more than I ever gave him credit for.

But I have my own baggage to deal with and falling for a doctor won’t help.

If he wasn’t so wonderful, under his tough-guy exterior, then my decision would be easy.

I don’t want to miss this chance at love, but I’ve been burned before. Could this heart doctor be the answer to my prayers? Or, should I walk away before I lose my heart?

My review

I loved this book so much! It was a quick, easy read that kept me interested and entertained. I felt a little sad that I waited so long to enjoy it.

Emma is such a fantastic character. I love everything about her, even her blond, curly hair. She’s just the type of person that everyone likes and likes everyone. Usually. She has a hard time with Dr Alex Mitchell. In fact, the two are enemies at the beginning of the book. Emma wants nothing to do with him, until her friend Becca gives her some advice. And Emma decides that maybe he isn’t as bad as she thinks.

I loved the way Alex grows through this book. He goes from gruff and seemingly uncaring to a man willing to fight for those in need of surgery. And that’s all thanks to Emma. But he helps her as well. That’s one of the beauties of this book.

This is such a book! I need to read the first book in the series.

I was sent an e-copy of Enemies to Lovers: Her City Doctor as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About The Business Proposal

The Business Proposa

Byron loves his job as a marriage counselor but is disappointed when he begins to lose clients because of his marital status. Julie is similarly frustrated with the world’s view that she must not be happy because of her lack of a husband. Byron devises a simple answer, an ad in the paper asking for a wife. Julie thinks it’s crazy but ultimately realizes it might be exactly what she needs.

It works perfectly and both are happily single, but married. Julie isn’t getting set up and Byron can even tell his clients that to help his marriage he makes sure to give his wife some “space”. But the honeymoon phase wears off and in time they find that always making excuses for why their spouse isn’t easy. They begin to invite each other to activities to avoid excuses, and before long Byron discovers he has fallen in love with his wife. She however has decided she wants to find real love and thinks Charlie might be the answer. She asks for a divorce. Can Byron do what he has asked hundreds of couples to do and fight for his marriage?

My review

This book is one of those books where the premise sounds amazing. I loved the idea of a guy advertising for a wife in the newspaper. That is so clever and I haven’t seen one quite like this before. And there were many things about it that were good. I did laugh at the way he met the women he would choose from.

I think this author has tons of potential. There were a few things about this one that didn’t work for me though. I didn’t feel like I connected with the characters. They just seemed kind of one dimensional, not like they could be real characters.

I did finish the book. And I didn’t not like it. But it wasn’t one of those books that I would be reaching for over and over. I’m hoping this author continues to write, I think with a little practice, he’ll hit it out of the park with a great book next time.

I was sent a copy of The Business Proposal as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About An Engagement of Sorts

an engagement of sorts

Much to her mother’s dismay, spirited Anne Fletcher spent her youth seeking her father’s approval by hunting and riding. More comfortable in breeches than ball gowns, Anne sees the freedoms she once enjoyed slowly taken from her in the name of fashioning her into an eligible young lady. When her parents try to force her into marriage, Anne makes a desperate attempt to salvage her last vestige of independence. If she is to marry, she will do so on her own terms. 

Anne strikes a deal: if she cannot secure a man for herself, she will agree to marry the husband her parents approved. She soon finds herself in the last place she would ever choose—that stifling parade of etiquette, the London Season. Anne’s plan is in motion. Now all she needs is a man willing to masquerade as her fiancé.

My review

I finished reading this book by debut author Alene Wecker last weekend. I’ve been thinking about it and trying to figure out just how to say what I thought of this book since then. Hopefully this all comes out right. I really liked the story and the writing in this book.

I thought the author did a great job with her characters. Anne is kind of hilarious. She’s strong willed and always gets herself into a mess. There were so many times she made me laugh out loud. I especially loved when she accidentally ended up on a man’s horse with no sidesaddle. I’ve seen some of the other reviews that were wondering about her not growing up. I wonder if she is just one of those people who are impetuous, and crazy situations will always follow her.

I felt bad for Anne though. There was a “gentleman” who tried to hurt Anne. And kept making very inappropriate comments. There was one part in particular in the book where Anne feels the weight of all she’s been through. This part made me very sad for her. But the sun came up the next morning and she pushed on. I feel like these parts need a bit of a content warning. There is attempted sexual assault and the same man tries to make Anne into a prostitute.

I really liked Thomas. One thing about him was he was the only one that believed anything she said about the man who tried to attack her. You would have thought that Anne’s family would have believed her, but none of them did. Thomas went out of his way to help Anne, going so far as to pretend to be engaged to her.

I’m interested to see what this author does next.

I was sent a copy of An Engagement of sorts as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About author Alene Wecker

Alene Wecker writes because her favorite authors—Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer—haven’t published anything new in ages! Alene graduated from Brigham Young University with a Master of Music in Vocal Performance, though she rarely uses her degree. She likes to tell herself her education comes in handy as she describes debutantes who, like herself, are frequently forced to display their mediocre skills at the piano-forte. When she’s not writing or mothering her six children, she is usually reading, or can sometimes be found singing with Utah Symphony/Utah Opera. She also enjoys traveling and learning new languages. Some of her favorite haunts include: Berlin, Brașov, Bucharest, Budapest, London, Maui, New York City, Oahu, Paris, Rome, San Diego, Vancouver, and Venice.

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About Pursuing Miss Hall

Pursuing Miss Hall

Nathaniel Blake has been in love with his best friend, Meg, for as long as he can remember. Though a gentleman himself, his status in Society is inarguably below Meg’s own. Determined to avoid the label of “fortune hunter,” Nathaniel has long concealed the feelings of his heart. But when Meg’s parents determine to throw a house party for the sole purpose of marrying her off, it is clear that idleness is no longer an option.

The daughter of a wealthy baronet, Margaret Hall has always known she is expected to marry well. After illness forced Meg to miss her first London Season, her mother is not willing to allow her to sit off the marriage mart for too long. There is to be a house party that will include three eligible men for her to choose from. Meg is determined to make her parents proud. Still, she cannot help but be grateful that her closest friend, Nathan, has been invited as well. But when Meg begins to develop feelings that are far beyond friendship, will she have the courage to choose her own happiness over duty?

My review

I loved this novella! It was just the right length to read in an afternoon. The characters were fabulous. And the story is just great. Everything about it made me happy.

Meg is a great character. I loved how she wanted to be herself, let everyone know that she’s good at numbers and card games. But her mother wants nothing to do with that. Her mother is trying to have Meg make a great match and she wants her to seem as any other debutante. Although, Meg is not quite like ever other girl. She survived a devastating illness and her parents are still concerned about her health.

I really loved Nathaniel. It made me happy to see how he entered her house in unconventional ways. I had to laugh at him. He went out of his way to take care of Meg and make her happy by keeping her occupied in her house. And when he decided she was the one for him, he went all out to win her hand.

This is such a great novella. I can’t wait for this author’s debut novel coming this fall!

I bought a copy of Pursuing Miss Hall for free. All opinions are my own.

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About The Mostly Real McCoy

The Mostly Real McCoy

Our arrangement was supposed to be for just one month…

Single-dad Mac needs a temporary nanny for his daughter, Daisy. I need a second job until my promotion kicks in. Since our arrangement is only for one month, I am positive I won’t get attached. Medium positive. Okay, I’m negative.

This is a terrible idea.

Because I can’t give Mac and Daisy what they need, and I won’t risk breaking their hearts. But his green eyes and her crooked pigtails have me dreaming about forever. And who can resist a dad buying pink ballerina tights after a day spent in a hard hat?

The thing is Mac is a fixer, and I need to repair my own life. Better yet, I don’t want to feel broken. So it’s a good thing the worst has already happened to me. Nothing will hurt more now.

Water can’t get wetter, Brooke.

That’s what I keep telling myself.

Too bad I’m all wrong…

My review

I LOVE this type of book! It’s a rom-com and it’s so well done. I really loved every bit of it.

Brooke is our main female lead. She’s moved to Apple Valley to get away from her problems. It was kind of fun that the reader didn’t know exactly what those were until later in the book. Brooke has a job as a security guard at the local library as she waits for a better position to open up. But she is terrible at it! Her boss complains that she is far too nice to be a security guard. So he fires her when she appears to be being unkind to a library patron. This scene was such a funny opening scene/meet cute. You’ve got to read it!

Mac is the male lead. He’s the kind of guy who is chivalrous and kind. And a really great dad. I loved how much he cared for his daughter, Daisy. And Daisy is the cutest! Don’t get me started about how much I loved her. I loved how Mac recognized the immediate connection that Brooke had to Daisy and quickly enlisted her help. But he really shines when her parents show up later in the story.

This book is all that I had hoped it would be and more! I loved every second of reading it. And I can’t wait for the next one!

I borrowed a copy of The Mostly Real McCoy using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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About Rescue a Stubborn Heart

Rescue a Stubborn Heart

She doesn’t believe true love is real.
He thinks he’s too broken for love.
Everything changes when two stubborn hearts meet.

On the run from her ex-husband’s twisted family, Finley seeks help from Jaxon Hudson, the Navy SEAL who rescued her three years ago. Even though she only knew him for a few hours, it was long enough for her to fall in love. But Jaxon’s imminent deployment squashed any hope of a relationship, and he walked away, taking a piece of her heart with him.

Now Finley is older and wiser and not looking for love. So when Jaxon proposes a marriage of convenience and offers the protection of his name, but not his heart, Finley accepts the terms.

There’s only one problem, the spark they had three years ago never died out…placing her in danger of falling for him all over again.

My review

I love all of Cindy Roland Anderson books that I’ve read. This one was no exception. She does an excellent job with her characters and her settings. Honestly, it just made me happy while I was reading it.

I love the way Finley and Jaxon meet. He saves her from a drunk on the beach. But he’s leaving on a mission and doesn’t leave her with any contact info. His kindness and the spark she felt during their short time together make her want to search him out when she is at her most desperate. And I love that she felt like she could do that.

Jaxon is the kind of guy who is happy to fix whatever problem he needs to. He’s kind and a true gentleman. I loved that he went out of his way to help Finley, even though he could have just let her run. He married her, even though he said he was too messed up to get married and have a family.

Their marriage of convenience was fun to watch too. Trying to hide that fact from Jaxon’s family was almost impossible. These times I laughed a little bit.

This book is so great! Sometimes you need a great romance like this…or maybe all the time!

I was sent an e-copy of Rescue a Stubborn Heart as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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