About How to Kiss Your Grumpy Boss

How to Kiss Your Grumpy Boss

Perry Hawthorne is my boss. Only my boss. And I do NOT have a crush.

When one of THE Hawthorne brothers—known by their chiseled jawlines and their family-run farm and event center—hires me to be his virtual assistant, I do everything I can to keep him firmly in the work zone.

His grumpy demeanor helps.

His smoking hot profile picture does not.

But even if I do have a crush (a very tiny one), I can’t catch real feelings for a million different reasons.

Besides the whole business part of our relationship, I’m a single mom. I have to think about what’s best for my son, Jack. And my grumpy, divorced, humorless boss isn’t exactly giving me “ready to be a stepdad” vibes.

When Perry upgrades me from virtual to in-person assistant, I wonder if I’ve gotten him all wrong. He’s actually pretty great with Jack. And with me? Let’s just say the chemistry crackling between us might vaporize all my reasons for keeping my distance.

Trouble is, after his messy divorce, I’m not sure Perry’s ready to bet on a new relationship. But it isn’t just my heart that’s on the line. It’s Jack’s, too. And after everything we went through before my husband died, I’m not sure that’s a gamble I’m ready to take, no matter how desperate Jack is for a daddy.

How to Kiss Your Grumpy Boss is a sweet romantic comedy with all the sizzling kisses you want in a closed-door romance but no explicit scenes.

My review

I’ve been impatiently waiting for this book ever since I read How to Kiss Your Best Friend. And it was definitely worth the wait!

I loved everything about Lila. She’s such a great mom. She’s a little bit sarcastic. And her puns made me laugh every time! I loved that she has her little boy, Jack. And he is her whole world. Lila works as a personal assistant. She ends up working for Perry. Never dreaming that she’d actually meet him. And then one day she does.

I loved the meeting with Perry. He had a flat tire and for reasons out of his control he didn’t have a jack in his truck. Lila is the last person he wanted to call, because they didn’t really have a relationship. But he calls her and she comes. This is such a great scene. I really loved the way Jack is with Perry in this scene. It embarrasses Lila completely, but it’s my favorite. You’re going to have to read it to learn why.

Jack is kind of a big part of this book. He has to be, because he’s Lila’s son. And I loved him so much. The author captured his character. And how kids that age are. Jack made me laugh so many times!

This book is so amazing. You really need to read it! If you’re anything like me, you won’t be able to put it down.

I borrowed this book using my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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About Cortherstone


Emma Penny was the last to see her sister, Clara, alive. Before vanishing, the last words Clara said were if something awful happened to her, it was no accident.

The Duke of Britonne has been linked to several missing women; all of them last seen at his secluded estate, Cortherstone.

Emma knows the duke killed her sister and has hated the man since she received the letter of Clara’s accident. So when she receives an invitation to Cortherstone, from the duke himself, she is shocked her family forces her to go. How could she go to the very house where her sister died? And does the duke have the same plans for her?

Escape attempts, battle of wills, and a declaration of war are not enough to keep Emma safe from Cortherstone.

As the days pass, Emma wonders if the duke really is the man everyone says he is. Some days he is kind and thoughtful, and others he is cold and distant.

But one thing she does know is there really is a monster haunting Cortherstone. And the moment she entered, she became their next victim.

My review

I love the cover of this book. It’s just a bit creepy and mysterious. And the inside matches it perfectly!

This book is about Emma. Her sister, Clara, disappears mysteriously. She was supposed to be going to Cortherstone. And then the family received news that she was dead. Emma’s uncle decided that Emma must go to Cortherstone, even knowing what had happened to her sister there. And that’s when the real story begins.

I loved Emma. She is the kind of woman to take matters into her own hands. She knew that she wanted nothing to do with going to Cortherstone. So she and her brother, Adam, hatched a plan for her to set off on her way there. But to run before she got even close to Cortherstone. But that’s not how things worked. Emma ended up being drug there against her will. So she tried to escape. Time and time again. But nothing worked. Emma was definitely persistent. And she ended up locked in her room because of it.

I loved the way the author did this one. The whole perspective is Emma’s. So the reader knows only what she knows. And that becomes very important later in the book. Emma doesn’t know who she can trust. And neither does the reader.

This is such a great book! I loved reading it at Halloween time.

I won a copy of Cortherstone. All opinions are my own.

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About Faking Christmas

Faking Christmas

One little white lie.

That’s all it took. Now I’m suddenly having to fake-date my work nemesis to get me through a week at a Vermont Christmas lodge with my family.

The problem? I can’t stand Miles Taylor. Not only that, but I don’t date people I work with. But I can handle it. I’ve had practice faking my emotions for years. So it shouldn’t matter that Miles never lets me get away with anything. And that he happens to boil my blood hotter than a steaming pot of wassail. So when he throws his annoying grin my way or forces me on dates he knows I’ll hate, I’ll just grit my teeth and smile.

Or maybe not. Did I mention that Miles is the one person in the world I can’t seem to fool?

When my emotions begin feeling less like a sham and his arms feel way too comfortable, it makes me think that maybe Miles had a plan of his own. And I’m starting to like it a lot more than mine.

★ Faking Christmas is a sweet, closed door romance full of sizzle, witty banter, and chemistry, but without explicit content.

My review

It’s no secret that I love Christmas romance, romantic comedies and Cindy Steel books. And this book. I don’t even know how to tell you how much I loved it. It sucked me in from the very first chapter. The email at the beginning is so funny and great. You’re going to just have to read it for yourself to know just how amazing it is!

Olive is a complex character. She’s had a hard year, her dad passed away just after Christmas the previous year. And she’s had to watch her mom get married again during all of the mourning. And now, it’s time for Christmas again. Something about Olive is that she is a people pleaser. She’s always trying to help everyone around her. And she doesn’t really say no to people. She’s just a bit like me, that way, I think.

There isn’t anyone Olive hates as much as Miles. He’s the teacher across the hall from her. Miles teaches English just like Olive. But he’s seen as the “cool teacher.” And that’s a little hard for Olive. Olive is a good teacher too, but there’s just something about getting to read Harry Potter in Miles’ class that gives him a little extra.

I loved how these two ended up spending Christmas together. It made me laugh. And strangely do a few crazy things of my own. These two have so much chemistry, even though Olive tries to deny it.

This book makes me want to read each and every one of these Christmas Escape books. If you need me, that’s where I’ll be!

I was sent an e-copy of Faking Christmas as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About Love and Second Chances

Love and Second Chances

Everyone wants to ship Mabel and Zane. What no one knows? They’ve already tried it once before, and it ended in disaster.

Zane is the fire-fighting, meat and potatoes, good-hearted man of nursing student Mabel’s dreams.

Except a long time ago, she kissed him, only to be rejected so quickly it left her head spinning and her heart broken.

They’ve been in the same friend group all this time, just out of reach. None of the friends ever even knew about the ill-fated kiss.

And lately? It’s felt less and less like Mabel and Zane are friends at all. Despite the group’s matchmaking attempts, it’s beginning to feel like they’re enemies.

She thought he’d never been interested in her that way, which is why his confession at their friends’ wedding has Mabel baffled. And then his distance afterwards? It’s enough for Mabel to run for the hills and call it quits for good.

But when they’re asked to work on a project to obtain funding for their beloved town’s water tower, they begrudgingly agree.

And despite both of them needing to move on, they find themselves learning more about each other’s wounds and wanting to open up their hearts once more.

Will the hurt from their muddy past prove impossible to set aside? Or will Zane’s years’ long, arms’ length protection of her be enough to prove his love?

Pick up this funny, heart-warming, uplifting conclusion to the Silver Plum series today!

My review

There are not many things better than finding a new to you author. Loving their book and realizing that there are a bunch more in the series to read!

This book by Deb Goodman is so great! I didn’t want to put it down and I read it so quickly. I loved the way the author wrote her characters, her plot, the setting. Really this book is so good. You can bet I’ll be checking out the rest of the books in this series as soon as I can! But at the same time, it stands alone just fine. I didn’t feel lost for not having read the other books, and that’s a huge thing.

I loved Mabel and Zane. These two are so perfect for each other. And everyone in their friend group, KNO, knows it. So they’ve tried to “ship” them for years. It’s so cute to see it in this book. Because each of their friends are finding the love of their life and getting married. That just leaves Mabel and Zane.

The reader learns a lot about these two. Mabel doesn’t really trust Zane because of something that happened when they were teenagers. And neither of them realizes that the other cares for them. It was really fun to see their eyes open to that. And to see their relationships grow through all of the things that happened to them.

I have not found very many, if any, books that were set near the place I grew up. But this series is. And it made me happy.

Grab this book if you love a small town, second chance romance. You won’t regret it!

I was sent an e-copy of Love and Second Chances as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About Legal Attraction

legal attraction

A grumpy, reluctantly interested boss meets a mediterranean royal trying to hide out in America.

Rand and Coral quickly become involved in an international upheaval that disrupts both their plans for a simple career. Rand’s military background comes in handy more than once as they are caught in situations that leave them asking a couple very important questions.

Can they trust the law firm where they work? Can they trust each other?

Coral just wants to lead a normal life before being called back to take over the crown from her father. But not once since she meets Rand has any of her life felt the least bit normal. Was it complicated that she hooked up with her future boss before she knew who he was? Yes. But most of the time he acts as if he doesn’t even know her, except when they are in danger.

My review

Romantic suspense is one of my favorite genres. I thought the author did a good job with this one. It kept my interest. Honestly, I didn’t want to put it down, because I wanted to find out what happened to the characters.

Coral is a princess. But she’s hiding from pretty much everyone. Even her parents. But something seems off so she comes out of hiding. Just in time to be in a dangerous situation. That’s when she meets Rand.

Rand is a lawyer. He just wants to break into the Royal scene and be a lawyer to all of them. But meeting Coral throws him for a loop. The funniest part of this was when she showed up as a lawyer at the office he worked at. And that really shocks them both!

This book is so great. It’s got a fun romance. Royals. Suspense. It will keep you up reading past your bedtime. And the ending tells me there will be more. I can’t wait!

I used my Kindle Unlimited subscription to borrow Legal Attraction. All opinions are my own.

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About The Questmaster’s Trap

the questmaster's trap

Hello, Brave Reader: You’re just in time to roll the Die of Destiny and play a game of Champion’s quest. The wizard Questmaster Hob has summoned the Wild Crows on a new adventure. But not everything is what it seems.

A new, sinister Questmaster creates chaos for Lucas, Miles, and Jasmine. They are ill-prepared to fight stronger, challenging monsters, including an evil centaur who has taken a magical ally hostage. As the Wild Crows journey to rescue her, they encounter shadow elves, troltusses, and giants. They also learn new skills and strategies, and discover their quest is more than just a game this time. The fate of the world of Champion’s Quest―including the lives of the wizards Hob and Bogie―hangs in the balance.

Can the Wild Crows prevail? Will the luck of the dice be in their favor? Can they gather the right magical items and overcome their weaknesses? It will take true champions and a bit of luck to win this gripping, fantastical, high-stakes adventure.

My review

There are not many greater things than seeing the love of books in a child. I know that my son got to meet Frank L Cole at his school last month. And that impacted him greatly. He pointed to my book and was very interested in what I was reading. I’ll have to let him read these. Make sure that you read The Die of Destiny before you read this one, or you’re going to be so lost!

This book follows the adventures of The Wild Crows. It’s all told through the perspective of Lucas. But his friends, Miles and Jasmine are there, as well as a new friend, Sierra. I love the way these four kids have to learn to work together. And there is some distrust, that leads to issues. As they work together, things work so much better.

This book is full of adventure, magic and fantasy. Middle grade readers, and their parents, will love it!

I was sent a copy of The Questmaster’s Trap as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About A Game of Hearts

a game of hearts

If you can’t join them, beat them.

Marigold Cartwell has only one goal: to defeat her long-time rival on the archery field. She knows she can outshoot irritating, cynical Tristan Gates, but the local bowmen’s society—the one he belongs to—refuses to allow women to compete. Spurred on by their rejection, Marigold decides to start a new society. Naturally, it has only one rule: no men.

Tristan Gates is used to Marigold Cartwell always getting her way, so he is far from surprised when she forms her own society. He knows how relentless she can be, something he learned firsthand facing her at the targets. But Tristan has enough worries of his own, what with his bachelor uncle falling in love with a fortune hunter. He has no time to entertain Marigold’s ambitions.

However, after a visit to the seashore ends in disaster—and scandal—Marigold and Tristan soon realize how little they know about each other. The strained tension between them quickly turns to simmering attraction, but an important archery competition looms ahead. Lines are drawn all around them, with Marigold and Tristan on opposite sides, and neither can afford to lose. Yet winning might be the very thing to tear them apart.

My review

This historical sports romance by Joanna Barker is delightful! I loved everything about it. Her characters are fantastic. And the plot, it’s just so great!

I loved Marigold’s character. She is such a happy, positive person. And she seems to make everyone around her happy. She is really competitive and she likes to win. The opening scene is so great, the reader gets such a good feel for her character. And for her loathing of Tristan.

It’s funny, Tristan feels the same way about Marigold. The very things that made me like her, her positivity and happiness are the things he most hates about her. I kind of had to laugh that Marigold’s mom really likes Tristan, and Tristan’s uncle really likes Marigold.

I loved the plot. The way these two were forced together was so great. It made me laugh.

You’re going to want to read this one. And soon!

I was sent an e-copy of A Game of Hearts as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About The Danger with Diamonds

the danger with diamonds

When Lars Hendriks arranges to meet Marit Jansen in Vienna, he is hoping their friendship will blossom into romance. What he doesn’t expect is a surprise visit from his cousin Cole or the loose diamonds he brings with him.

As a CIA operative, Cole Bridger is used to uncertainty, but when his work takes him back to Vienna, he looks forward to reconnecting with Isabelle Roberts, the fellow agent he dated briefly before duty took him away from Austria. Unfortunately, his silence over the last few months has created a chasm that he can’t cross without help. He barely takes a step toward repairing the damaged relationship when a brazen jewel heist seemingly links Cole, Lars, Marit, and Isabelle to the crime. The group is drawn into a deadly mystery, and once again, the treasures of Falcon Point are threatened. It doesn’t take long for them to realize they have stumbled upon something far bigger and more dangerous than a simple robbery. And someone on the inside knows it.

My review

This book takes the reader on a wild adventure with some really great characters! I loved every bit of it. If you haven’t read Heirs of Falcon Point yet, you really should before reading this one. It’s such a great book though, you’ll want to read it anyway!

I loved the way there are four main characters in this book, Cole, Lars, Marit and Isabelle. And you see the events of the story through their unique perspectives. It just keeps the story flowing. And the reader interested in what will happen next.

Cole and Isabelle both work for the CIA. They’ve done a great job keeping their covers. So that even Lars, Cole’s cousin, doesn’t know what he does for a living. Lars is a photographer. And Marit is a model. These four just work so well together. I loved that Cole gets permission for Marit and Lars to help in the little way they each can. And that they help him with his relationship as well.

This book has so much action and craziness in it. You’ll want to keep reading until you get to the very end!

I was sent a copy of The Danger with Diamonds as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About It Started with a Glance

It Started with a Glance

His famous voice and dimples might make him attractive, but his celebrity status makes him anything but.

If Elle Markle learned one thing from her rock star dad, it’s to stay far away from celebrities—they can’t be trusted. (And that she didn’t inherit his voice and therefore should also stay far away from karaoke.)

Declan Davenport would say he isn’t a celebrity. His team and the millions of fans on his hugely popular science YouTube channel say otherwise.

When Elle is assigned to interview the star with the incredibly deep voice and irresistible dimples, she reminds herself that she’s dealt with celebrities before and this will be no different. When she discovers it’s actually an overnight day-in-the-life gig at his house, she resolves to keep the walls firmly up. Like, concrete-and-barbed-wire up. No celebrity is winning her heart. Not now, not ever.

Declan is wary of the mysterious interviewer visiting his home and intruding on his privacy—until he discovers that she’s smart and beautiful and exactly his type (if he had a type). They have an undeniable chemistry that surprises even the scientist in him . . . which means she’s even more dangerous than he thought.

Because there’s one interview question Declan can never answer.

And he’s the last person who can give his heart away.

My review

I am loving this series! I love the way the author has written all the friends. This can be a stand alone book, but I definitely recommend starting at the beginning with It Started with a Sunset. You’re not going to want to miss the love stories of Elle’s friends and co-workers.

I loved getting to know Elle a little bit. She’s the type of girl you can imagine living next door and being friends with. I loved the idea of her having a 24 hour interview with Declan. It just sounds like a fun idea. Especially when you get to know Declan!

Declan is a YouTube science guy. And he has a team of workers. I would love to work for him! His team sounds so fun. And they get to do all sorts of fun things. I loved the parts where Elle was there getting to know him and working with his team during the interview.

And I really loved that these two got to grow through the story. They each had something they needed to work on, just like we all do.

And seeing Elle’s friends again is a bonus! So many great things happened in this story to all of them. You need to read it!

I was sent an e-copy of It Started with a Glance as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About The Orphan Keeper

the orphan keeper

Based on a remarkable true story

Seven-year-old Chellamuthu’s life–and his destiny–is forever changed when he is kidnapped from his village in Southern India and sold to the Lincoln Home for Homeless Children. His family is desperate to find him, and Chellamuthu anxiously tells the Indian orphanage that he is not an orphan, he has a mother who loves him. But he is told not to worry, he will soon be adopted by a loving family in America.

Chellamuthu is suddenly surrounded by a foreign land and a foreign language. He can’t tell people that he already has a family and becomes consumed by a single, impossible question: “How do I get home? But after more than a decade, home becomes a much more complicated idea as the Indian boy eventually sheds his past and receives a new name: Taj Khyber Rowland.

It isn’t until Taj meets an Indian family who helps him rediscover his roots, as well as marrying Priya, his wife, who helps him unveil the secrets of his past, that he begins to discover the truth he has all but forgotten. Taj is determined to return to India and begin the quest to find his birth family. But is it too late? Is it possible that his birth mother is still looking for him? And which family does he belong to now?

From the best-selling author The Rent Collector, this is a deeply moving and gripping journey about discovering one’s self and the unbreakable family bonds that connect us forever.

My review

The original book of this one, The Orphan Keeper, is one of my all time favorites. It’s so great to see it be adapted for younger audiences. And I thought that this version was just as well done. This story just jumps off the page. And it’s crazy to think something like this could happen, anywhere in the world!

Chellamuthu is the main character. A young boy living in India. He’s not the best behaved boy. But he is a good person at heart. One day his is kidnapped off the street. Taken from his family, put in an orphanage and eventually sent to America to an adopted family. And renamed Taj. This book is quite a journey!

The author did such a great job with this adaptation. I love that the story still seems to jump off the page. And that readers are drawn to the characters in the story. I love that Taj is able to learn about himself, who he is, both with his biological family and without. That’s something we all really need to do.

This book is so well done. I highly recommend it!

I was sent a copy of The Orphan Keeper as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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