About The 12 Days of Easter

the 12 days of Easter

Celebrate the Easter holiday with a new, faith-focused twist on the classic Christmas carol, The 12 Days of Christmas.

The 12 Days of Easter features cheerful illustrations and highlights a different Easter symbol on every page. Additional backmatter teaches children and families about the meaning behind traditional Easter symbols with an emphasis on Christ and the resurrection.

A perfect holiday gift and read-aloud to enjoy every Easter season!

My Review

I love this kind of picture book! Each of the pictures in this book are so cute! Kids will be engaged with the colorful pictures.

I love the rhymes. The way this one is written is in the style of The 12 Days of Christmas song. And it makes it easy to read. Rhymes make things so much easier to remember.

And the author put the meaning of the Easter symbols in the back as well. That means that adults as well as kids can learn from this one. There are symbols that I haven’t ever understood, so that was really helpful for me!

This one is so cute, grab your copy soon!

I was sent a copy of The 12 Days of Easter as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About the author

Sierra Wilson is the author of several books for children including 10 Little Disciples, I Can Be Like Jesus, and The Atonement of Jesus Christ is for Me. Easter is one of her very favorite holidays because she loves celebrating the resurrection of the Savior. She is excited to share more about this special holiday with readers. Sierra lives in Alberta, Canada with her husband, kids, two cats, two fish, and a bearded dragon. You can learn more about Sierra at www.sierrawilsonauthor.com

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About Bargaining for the Barrister

Bargaining for the Barrister

Louisa Cox is tired of fortune hunters pursuing her dowry. So when Lady Kellen offers to help her find an eligible suitor, Louisa eagerly accepts and makes a list of what she wants in a husband. The man selected is barrister Paul Sheldon. He may be a complete stranger, but he has one thing in his favor: he is unaware of her fortune. What Louisa did not anticipate was his curious behavior—or being so attracted to him.

When Paul catches wind of the matchmaking organization his mother and her friends are establishing, he pities the fellow who will be caught in their scheme—until he realizes he is to be their first victim. Horrified, Paul determines to thwart his mother’s plans by whatever means necessary. After meeting his intended, however, his increasing desire to be near her threatens to disrupt his convictions. Louisa is everything he could want in a wife, and when an unexpected adventure sets in motion the very plan he had determined to halt, he almost wishes his mother’s plot could succeed. But Paul harbors a secret and a past that make it impossible for him to give Louisa the life she deserves.

My review

This book is the start of a fun sounding new series. I loved the Matchmaking Mamas in this one. And I can’t wait to read more books featuring them! And I really hope we get to see more of the Rebels as well.

I loved the way Paul had a secret that even the reader doesn’t understand completely until the very end of the book. Paul is an honorable gentleman. He doesn’t want to take anyone’s money, but make his own way as a barrister. Even if that is hard and leaves him very little money. I loved that about him.

Louisa’s family has money. She was left as an orphan. And now she can’t seem to get rid of men who just want her for her dowry. So she decides to have the Matchmaking Mamas find her a husband. And that man is supposed to be Paul. Unfortunately, he’s on to the Mamas. And he wants nothing to do with their schemes. Until he can afford to support a wife, he won’t marry.

I loved the way these two meet. It was so funny! And they always seem to get into crazy situations together. That keeps the plot interesting and the reader wanting to know what these two will do next. Add in Paul’s friends, the Rebels, and a few extra suitors, and you’ve got tons of hilarious situations.

You need to read this one! I can’t wait for more.

I was sent a copy of Bargaining for the Barrister as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About Loving the Firefighter

loving the firefighter

A brave firefighter and the town’s new pediatrician. When he tries to protect her will she fall for him or head for danger to spite him?

Grady Holman knows the Lanza family murdered his father but the Lanza men are charming, wealthy, and they fund the healthcare for the small town of Emerald Coast. When the Lanzas bring a new pediatrician to town, Grady vows to protect her at all costs. She seems to return his feelings, until he punches Jonathon Lanza without provocation.

Can Grady gain her trust and be able to protect her, or will she be the Lanzas’ next victim?

My review

I love the way Cami Checketts includes plenty of suspense in her novels. In each of her books, you’ll get a great love story as well as the suspense. I really enjoyed this one!

Rachel is a pediatrician. She’s gotten a great deal to come work in the small town of Emerald Coast, Oregon. I loved how she met Grady. They meet in the grocery store. And the first thing he does is punch a guy in front of her. That kind of made me laugh. If the reader didn’t know up front that Grady is a good guy, they might be a bit worried about him.

Grady is a great kind of guy! He’s a firefighter in the town. But there is something sinister in the town. And Grady is determined to figure it out. And to take care of the issue.

I loved the way the plot of this one kept me intrigued. It’s a quick read that I didn’t want to put down!

I was sent an e-copy of Loving the Firefighter as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About A Stolen Heart

a stolen heart

A Victorian twist on Robin Hood.

The Earl of Rochelle, Nikolas Whitworth, is handsome, charming. And a traitor.

He can outwit and outcon any Englishman—and any Englishwoman. When his debts are called in a savior appears, the criminal mastermind known only as the Tailor.

Nikolas is bought and sold, his future no longer his. But when a beguiling thief picks his pocket, Rosalyn Devereaux steals more than his coin. Orphaned as a child, Rosalyn trusts no one. She picks the pockets of lords and ladies alike, donating her spoils to the poor. The Tailor notices her skills and demands Rosalyn enlist in his cause.

With every moment beside Rosalyn, Nikolas changes from a life of lies to a man with a conviction. She occupies his every thought but can Nikolas outcon the Tailor and secure Rosalyn’s heart before the Tailor steal’s his love?

My review

I enjoy reading retellings. This is actually the second Robin Hood retelling I’ve read this year. And I love that there isn’t just one way to do these. This one was so great! I loved the way, Clarissa Kae wrote this one.

Rosalyn is our heroine. She’s a young woman who can’t trust because of her past. She also is really great at shooting the bow and arrow. I loved how she uses this skill to help those who are orphans, the way she was. But Rosalyn hides a secret. Her heart is not what whole and that causes her many problems doing the things that she loves to do.

Nikolas. I loved the way he loves Rosalyn. He wants what is best for her. And he wants to help her in any way he can. Unfortunately, due to some mistakes he’s made, he is watched continually. One thing about Nikolas is that he always finds a way. He is scrappy and resourceful.

This book kept me guessing until the very end about who the Tailor was. I loved how the author did that. You should definitely read this one!

I was sent a copy of A Stolen Heart as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About Battleshipped


I am not in love with my ex-boyfriend … I’m not.

You know those stories where high school sweethearts reunite to find their happily-ever-after bliss together?

Well, that won’t be me.

Sure, my ex-boyfriend, Rob, has the smolder down to a science, which makes sense, because to him, everything is science. He’s a famous YouTuber, making a living using that beautiful brain of his.

He’s destined for greatness … which means he’ll leave … again.
And this time, I won’t be falling for him.

The battle is on. Rob thinks he’ll win me back, but I’m fighting him with all I’ve got.

My heart is locked up tight, behind an obstacle course with every booby trap imaginable ….
Wouldn’t you know it? Rob happens to be an expert at finding his way around locks and obstacles. Just my luck.

My review

I’ve been eagerly anticipating Rob and Laura’s story ever since I read Friendshipped. These two seemed to have all of the chemistry and hating vibes and I was not disappointed. I loved this book so much! It made me laugh and forget the world around me. Very necessary things from a rom-com!

Rob is a great kind of guy. I love his science background. And how he comes up with a scientific plan to get Laura back. His experiments were so great! I’m going to be looking up how to make my own Mentos and you definitely need to read that scene!

Laura is the kind of girl who doesn’t forgive easily. She’s gone through some hard things and she keeps her heart locked behind many gates. She wasn’t quite sure what to do when Rob started knocking those gates down. But I loved the way she was able to go with it. And bring forgiveness into her life. She really grew in this book.

There were so many great parts! You really need to read the wedding scene. I’ll never be able to listen to Billy Jean without laughing again. I can’t wait for Aiden’s story!

I borrowed a copy of Battleshipped using my Kindle Unlimited membership. All opinions are my own.

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About The Stone Family Treasure

the stone family treasure

A man who lost everything. The woman who won’t believe in true love. Will they finally forgive themselves and find the gold?

Hunter Stone, Navy SEAL didn’t want to wake up to the news that he’d lost … him. The person he’d been with for so long. And, he really didn’t want to hear that his family thought he was losing it. Because he was a SEAL and SEALs didn’t LOSE it!

Cheryse Skye didn’t need to be reminded that death was inevitable; she’d been running from that reality for three years, since her first husband’s death. Too bad losing one of her best friends triggered all of the memories. All the pain. All the … loss.

When Hunter wakes up a second time and discovers he’s lost an eye, it actually makes him feel better to bear a scar on the outside; it reminded him that nothing came without sacrifice. Too bad he gets discharged from the only thing keeping him going; the Navy.

Being back in South Port isn’t a fairytale, especially since he’s working at his brother’s bike shop and living with the other brother who is on him twenty-four, seven. It gets worse when he wrecks into the woman he’s always loved…and hurts her. Now he has to get his crap together or risk losing everything.

As clue after clue is revealed, will the Stone siblings be able to finally find the gold their parents always wanted them to have? And discover the gold they’ve always had within themselves?

As these six Stone siblings find a way back to each other, they must learn to let go of what doesn’t matter and cling to the things their parents always wanted for them–family, love, and fun memories on the beach.

My review

I have loved all of the books I’ve read in this series. I know I have missed at least one of the books. But this one still made sense and held my attention. So, I’ll say you don’t need to read them in order. I would definitely read The Stone Family Inn first. That will help you know all of the characters in the other books.

This one is about the youngest brother, Hunter. Hunter went through some really hard things. And those things hardened him. And that was obvious at some of the places in the book. But we all go through hard things, they change us and make us stronger. And that eventually happens for him.

Cheryse also has been through hard things. I love the way she allowed those to change her and soften her. She was able to mourn with those who needed mourning with. I really loved her character.

There were so many great things about this book! I love the whole Stone family. The way they watch each other’s backs. I laughed with them. And I cried with them. I worried for them.

This book has it all: romance, suspense, light moments, and moments you’ll need to cry. I loved it!

I was sent an e-copy of The Stone Family Treasure as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About Weddings, Lace, and Cake in the Face

weddings, lace, and cake in the face

People can say till the cows come home that life is full of surprises but falling in love with my best friend isn’t gonna work!

A snippet about me? Let’s see … I’m Skeet Lopez—Mom’s from right here in Comfort, Alabama and Dad’s from Mexico. I love to bake and clog in that order. Did you know that clogging for one hour can burn up to 400 calories? Think about how many chocolate chip cookies that will allow me to eat!

I’ve got my plan firmly fixed in place—save up to purchase the bakery I manage. Falling for Jasper is not part of the picture. Why did I have to see him shirtless out washing his car? Good goobidy do. It should be against the law for that man to go shirtless!

Just when I think I’ve got my life worked out, everything explodes … or is it implodes? Gah! I can never keep my words straight. Who has time to worry about words, I’ve got bigger fish to sear here … err fry. My beloved bakery is being snatched from me, and there’s not a dang thing I can do about it.

On the upside, I’m getting the chance to date the guy I’ve been crushing on since I was old enough to wear lipstick. I should be happier about it, right? I would be … except Jasper is being so annoying about the whole thing!

What’s his deal? He already told me in no uncertain terms that I’m not his type! I got the memo loud and clear. I’m moving on. I mean it. No backsliding. No drooling over his cut muscles or crooked grin. And most important, zero fantasizing about how it would be if the two of us could become more than friends …

My review

There are not many things I enjoy more than a good rom-com. I was super excited to get to read Skeet’s story. She was one of my favorite characters in High Heels and Big Deals. And I loved her in her own story.

Skeet is one of those characters that just make you laugh. I love how she gets her sayings wrong. Every. Time. It’s just funny when all kinds of random characters character her sayings. She is more than that though. Skeet is the kind of girl who is there to help out her neighbor. Or an old cantankerous man that needs a friend. I loved that about her.

I really had to laugh at the scenes with her and Jasper. These two just can’t seem to get it right. They are best friends and they know each other so well. But sometimes that causes the two of them to have issues. Those issues made me laugh, every time. I loved seeing the story from Jasper’s point of view!

This book kept me interested from the beginning. I love the town of Comfort, and I can’t wait to read more stories set there!

I borrowed a copy of Weddings, Lace, and Cake in the Face using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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About Danger Unknown

The small desert town seemed like the perfect place to disappear—until Brooke Steward’s worst nightmare walks into the diner where she works. The man who killed her husband has found her—again. Desperate to protect her young daughter, Brooke has no choice but to run for their lives.

Awakened by a haunting nightmare that has plagued him for years, Michael Calder is startled by a knock at the door of his remote Montana ranch. He is even more shocked when he finds a disheveled child on his steps who silently leads him to her injured mother. In making the split-second decision to bring Brooke and her daughter into his home, Michael is unwittingly drawn with them into the path of danger. Someone is determined to silence Brooke, no matter the cost. In their quest for the truth, Brooke and Michael come to trust each other completely, their relationship deepening into something more. But even as the lines between friendship and love blur, the explosive secrets of the past are finally revealed. Now they must fight to survive or risk becoming the latest casualties in a deadly conspiracy.

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About Even the Dog Knows

even the dog knows

Meg Gorton finds herself alone and lonely in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Three years earlier, she had packed what she could fit into her sister’s car and asked her estranged husband, Gary, to take care of Moses, their beloved black Labrador. Things between Meg and Gary hadn’t been the same after the loss of their only daughter many years ago. Even after raising their grandson, Troy, it was clear that if Meg wanted a new beginning, she would have to do it alone.

Haunted by the tragedy of his daughter’s death, Gary is stuck in his life in Woodstock, Virginia. He still owns and drives the bus for their hometown minor league baseball team, and he still thinks about the day his wife drove away.

Everything changes when Meg contacts Gary with a request to bring Moses to visit her one last time before the old dog passes on. Gary is reluctant, but Troy thinks it’s an excellent idea. They could even travel together in Gary’s bus. Along the way, Gary takes a detour to visit Troy’s ex-girlfriend, Grace. Gary might not know how to fix things with his wife, but he knows he doesn’t want Troy to make the same mistakes he did.

Although Moses is just a dog, he’s very observant. It doesn’t take long for him to figure out they are going on to see Meg. He knows he’s an old dog and that his time is near, but he also knows his family needs his help.

Even the Dog Knows is a novel that will take readers on a thousand-mile journey to find forgiveness, understanding, healing, and the meaning of true love and lasting love.

My review

This book touched me. I loved the way the author wrote it from multiple points of view. Including the dog, Moses. It’s a unique story that I didn’t want to put down.

There is a lot going on in this book. You’ve got Gary. He’s an older man who has let baseball become his entire life. That lead his wife, Meg to leave him. Gary cares for Moses in the home he shared with Meg. As a reader, I could tell he had a lot of regrets about life.

Meg is living in Florida. She has regrets as well. And she is lonely. She wants to see Moses before either of them die.

I loved the journey Gary, Moses, Troy (Gary’s grandson) and Grace (a family friend) go on to get their lives back to where they want them to be. There are secrets. There are adventures. And mishaps. This is a journey with a lot of heart. And I loved how everything gets tied together at the end.

Don’t miss this one! I loved it.

I was sent a copy of Even the Dog Knows as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About Pretending I Love Lucy

pretending I love Lucy

The first rule of being a winner? Never lose your heart …

People think it’s easy being Felix Dodd III. And sure the fortune, legacy, and inheritance aren’t exactly terrible. But the name comes with so many strings, my hands feel permanently tied.

Like I’m stuck following in my father’s footsteps. Like I can’t trust people’s intentions. Like my grandmother wants me settled down before my thirtieth birthday.

I’ve got less than zero interest in marriage, ever since my one attempt at love crashed and burned. But Grams won’t let me access my trust until I’m engaged. Which means I need a fiancée.

Someone who’s looking for quick cash and a quicker getaway.

Someone like Lucy Devlin.

She’s got less than zero interest in me. But if I can get her to play along—just long enough to fool my grandmother—Lucy will be a whole lot richer, Grams will be none the wiser, and I’ll stay heartbreak free.

Just as long as I remember the new rule: Don’t love Lucy for real.

My review

It made me so happy to get to read Lucy and Fix’s story. My Own Best Enemy left the reader wondering what had happened to Mrs. Dodd. And I needed that mystery cleared up. I have loved Julie Christianson’s world of Apple Valley. I can’t wait for another book set there!

I loved Lucy in this book! She is the kind of woman who wants to help her younger siblings go out there and get their dreams. I loved that she works so hard for her family. And she works hard for the library patrons. Especially Mrs. Dodd. The reader can tell that she had a special spot in all of the hearts of those who worked at the library.

Fix is the kind of guy who jumps on a plane as soon as he realizes that his grandma is missing. He’s also the kind of guy to go out of his way to try and help those around him. I really liked Fix.

And Grams. I LOVED Grams. She’s one of those characters who are larger than life. And she’s kind of sneaky. I loved how she was not above a little play acting to get what she wanted.

This is the best kind of book, for me at least. A little fake relationship always works for me!

I borrowed a copy of Pretending I Love Lucy using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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