a torn allegiance

About A Torn Allegiance

a torn allegiance

When the man she must spy on becomes the man she loves…

Peace is tenuous in the small kingdom of Oldenburg, and the looming threat of invasion from Napoleon weighs heavily on the royal family. Their country’s best chance for safety lies in strengthening their alliance with the English. So it is that Prince Hayes Wilhelm finds himself returning to England, where he hopes a prominent duke can help him protect his country. 

Lady Elsie longs to make a difference in the world, but spying was not quite what she had in mind. So when her father, the Duke of Shelby, approaches her about keeping a close eye on the visiting crown prince of Oldenburg, she reluctantly agrees. But the outspoken young woman did not anticipate finding in Hayes a man who shares–and respects–her progressive ideas. Their mutual attraction is undeniable, but Elsie cannot forget her charge to spy on the man who is quickly stealing her heart. With the threat of war looming ever closer, Elsie and Hayes must consider carefully whom to trust–before their secrets tear them apart.

My review

I LOVED A Foreign Crown by Jen Geigle Johnson last year. This is the sequel to that. It would stand on it’s own with no problem. This one is so good!

One thing that this author is so good at is entwining history into her love stories. I love the way she does that. It makes history jump off the pages. And things make a lot more sense. I fell like I understand a lot more about why the Regency era was what it was after reading her books.

The love story in this one really shined. Lady Elsie is one of those characters who is so easily relatable to anyone. She had been asked to spy on Prince Hayes by her father. And she wanted to do that to the best of her ability. That leads to a lot of questioning on her part when he seems to be doing things that make no sense. Lady Elsie is a strong woman. There are several scenes where she shows the strength of her character. She isn’t just a pansy standing against the wall in a ballroom. I loved that about her. It made her seem real.

Prince Hayes is a great character too. He will be the next kind of Oldenburg. And he wants to know how to make life better for the citizens there. He’s trying to learn and become the best leader he can. And I loved him for it. He gets himself into some interesting situations. But he’s very obviously on the side of doing what’s right.

I really can’t wait to read more about these brothers. Prince Hayes has a couple of his brothers with him in this one. And those parts of the story were so great!

I was sent a copy of A Torn Allegiance as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About Kiss Me Now

Kiss Me Now

He’d be the perfect guy…if he wasn’t trying to ruin her life.

Ian would do anything for his grandmother, so when Gran suddenly announces she’s leaving the family property to her pretty new neighbor, Ian is on the case. He’ll use every one of his sharply-honed skills as a private investigator to expose the gold digger and save Gran.

Brooke is living her best life far from the city and career that tried to destroy her. She’s happy spending her summer renovating the house she inherited and gardening with her elderly neighbor, Miss Lily. But when Miss Lily’s handsome—and obnoxious—grandson shows up, making wild accusations and dragging up Brooke’s past, Brooke must convince Ian he has her all wrong.

But what happens when their chemistry proves even more dangerous than Ian’s accusations?

My review

Reading this book made me remember why I fell in love with Melanie Jacobson’s books. She’s got such a way with words that the story just sucks you in. There is also kind of a sassiness for lack of a better word in her writing. It just makes me happy. And her characters are the best! I loved everything about this one.

Ian is a really great guy. He’s trying to make the world better in his own way. Both in his job as a private investigator in Washington, DC and in his private life. Which is why when Gran tells him that she’s going to leave her expensive home to her brand new neighbor, he goes a little crazy. He starts investigating this sweet girl. And what he finds just convinces him that his suspicions are right.

Brooke is the best! I loved her so much. She is the kind of person we all want to be friends with, genuine, a good friend, great with people, and a great teacher. And she hates spiders. Guys, that scene made me laugh so hard. Although, I would die if I found what she did. You’d better read this one based on that!

And Gran. None of this book is told from her perspective. But I loved her sass and really everything about her. It’s obvious she is loved by everyone who knows her. And honestly, I would love it if she was a real person and I could meet her.

This is one of those books you just need to read. It’s so great! I can’t wait for more by Melanie Jacobson!

I was sent an e-copy of Kiss Me Now as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About Falling for a Billionaire

Falling for a Billionaire

Three complete romance novels by bestselling inspirational author, Cami Checketts.

Do Tease the Charming Billionaire:
A sassy but scarred woman. A tough but damaged man. Will a beautiful, secluded island bring them love or will the demons from his past rip them apart?
A woman scarred and shutting herself off from the world; a billionaire who won’t give up on her. Can they take down an embezzler and a ghost from his past to find love together?
The bomb that disfigured Rachel Jewel’s face and neck also destroyed her confidence. Can she rise above the pain to unmask a thief and find the love of her life?

Trusting the Billionaire:
When Athena Haddad’s father and brother are killed, she busies herself working at her wellness studio and helping her mom fight MS. Little does she realize how flat her life has become–until she meets Nixon Browning. The billionaire is expanding his chain of health stores along the west coast, but he doesn’t appreciate her beautiful city and she thinks his products are over-priced and worthless.
Athena sets out to teach Nixon about the city and its history while ignoring his inherent kindness, sharp intellect, and the warmth that spreads through her body when he touches her. Nixon is determined to help her mom battle MS no matter what Athena thinks of his health food stores.
In an unexpected turn of events, their tour of Alcatraz becomes a fight for their lives, forcing them to let go of their pride and work together. If they can survive The Rock, they may be able to bring life and color to the sparks of romance between them.

Only Her Blue-Collar Billionaire:
A woman hiding from her dangerous ex; a billionaire hiding his wealth beneath his hard hat. When their paths cross will romance or fireworks ignite?
Escaping from her ex, Chelsea Renlund discovers the beautiful Mystical Lake. She and her son feel safe and loved in this magical forest. When she’s cleaning a gorgeous cabin and meets an intriguing construction worker will her world be upended again?
Aster Chadwick is focused on building his business. When he meets a hilarious housekeeper who tells him she loathes wealthy men he thinks he may have found his match. He loves her rambunctious son, but he didn’t bargain on losing his heart so quickly.

My review

Collections like this are so fun! I love how author Cami Checketts has taken books from 3 of her popular series and put them into this collection. It actually makes me want to read more of these series, since I’ve read one of the books in it.

Do Tease the Charming Billionaire

I liked Rachel Jewel in this one. It was fun to see her as the main character, since I’ve read a few of the others of this series and liked her in a supporting role. Rachel is a strong woman. I loved the way she was able to use Abe’s help to become comfortable with scars that she had on her face from an explosion. We all have scars like Rachel, just most of ours aren’t visible. And we need others to help us be more comfortable with who we are.

Abe is a great guy in this one. He’d been sent to prison for a white collar crime that he didn’t commit. That becomes kind of a big thing between him and Rachel at one point. But they are able to work things out, come together and work together well when it really matters.

Trusting the Billionaire

This one features Nixon and Athena. They are in San Francisco, but Nixon is a southern boy through and through. I liked how he looked at those around him and helped when he saw a need. And Athena needed him badly when things went south unexpectedly. These two had to pull together and work together to survive.

I really liked how just when I thought things were wrapped up and great, surprise, they weren’t! This story’s plot kept me engaged and interested until the very end.

Only Her Blue-Collar Billionaire

This one might have been my favorite of the three. It’s so hard to pick. But I really like Mystical Lake, the people there are fantastic. And I really liked Dax, Chelsea’s son. This author is so good at writing sassy kids that make me laugh. And Dax was one of those.

Chelsea is the main female character in this one. She’s a single mom, working hard to take care of her son Dax. There really isn’t any extra money for things like treats or even a lot of food. But she’s honest. Chelsea is on the run from her ex. And she’s hiding in Mystical lake when she meets Aster.

Aster is a work-a-holic. But as soon as he meets Chelsea and Dax, he knows he wants to give that up and be a permanent part of their lives. I loved the way he goes about tricking Chelsea into dating him through Dax. And he really showed he would take care of them through everything.

Falling for a Billionaire is a great collection. I loved each of the stories! And now I need to read more of the series these came from.

I borrowed a copy of Falling for a Billionaire using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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About Spiritual Resilience

spiritual resilience

Latter-day youth and parents need spiritual resilience to face the future head-on. 

How do you get it? How do you teach it? Nephi had these same questions.

His answers will lead your family to resilient faith.

Raising youth who are Spirit-led and resilient requires parents who are Spirit-led and resilient. Christ can enable you to build faithful strength together with your children—in a way that uniquely fits your family.

In Spiritual Resilience, author and youth leader Sharla Goettl uncovers Nephi’s insights for parents on how, as a teenager, he developed his powerful testimony of Christ. His message will impact how you teach your children. You will learn how to:

Determine the next step in your situation
Discover your unique role in God’s plan
Fill the gaps in your faith
Motivate youth to make righteous choices
Act fearlessly by understanding your covenants
Feel confident you can succeed with Christ’s help

You can be exactly what your family needs—learning, as Nephi did, to prepare for an unpredictable future. Spiritual Resilience offers a blueprint for families to become spiritually prepared and committed to answering Jesus Christ’s call to “go and do.”

My review

I really like the way Sharla Goettl wrote this book. It contains great information by her. As well as scripture stories and personal stories that help the reader to understand what is being taught. This is a book that all families should use to help them navigate the world we live in.

The author uses the first book of Nephi in The Book of Mormon (a scripture used by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) to teach the idea of spiritual resilience. Honestly, this is something that is so needed in my family. I have two kids in their twenties and one in their late teens that are going to need to be spiritually resilient. We all need to find answers for ourselves. This book will help parents teach these things to their teens.

This one is so needed! I’m grateful to the author for her insights.

I was sent an e-copy of Spiritual Resilience as a gift. All opinions are my own.

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About author Sharla Goettl

Sharla Goettl has served as a youth leader in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints almost every year of her adult life. Doing so has taught her the faithful capacity of the youth and a respect for the parents who teach them. She currently serves as a stake Young Women president in Oregon. Sharla is a wife, mother, sister, confidant, instigator, and believer. She listens to the voices in her head, sings loudly out of tune, and dreams of faraway mountains. She feels pleasantly surprised when her kids beat her in board games, enthusiastic toward unexpected adventures, and overwhelmed by the generosity of God.

Free gift available: The Goal Maker is a guided questionnaire that will help parents determine what their next best step can be in developing spiritual resilience. This effort will help set a more powerful example through action, not just words. Makes a great companion to the book.



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Q and A with the author

Fun facts: The book includes still shots from the Book of Mormon videos and a new painting of young Nephi entitled Nephi Unfinished. In the book and on my website, I tell poignant stories about my grandfather who did the work to change from bootlegger to spiritually resilient father. It is only through real-world actions that these principles can be taught.

Why did you want to write this book? I did not want to. I had no intention to write a book, but the Spirit told me there was helpful information that needed to be shared. As a stake Young Women president, I very much want to help the good families I know, and love feel successful as they teach their children the gospel of Jesus Christ. I very much want the youth I work with to get the answers they need to their repetitive questions so they can grow up fearlessly relying on a Savior that will never let them down.

What inspired you when you were writing? The parents I was working with were feeling overwhelmed about all they needed to do and all the counter influences affecting their children. We all have felt anxiety over a teenager who is losing their way. Yet I also know the younger generation will usher in the miracles of the future because of their faithful acts and greater commitment. I knew Christ must have a solution to these interconnected problems. So I went looking for the solution in the most likely place I would find it: the very beginning of the Book of Mormon. Where else would Christ put the solution to our most personal struggles?

What other authors have influenced your writing? In this instance, Nephi has been my most influential author. After all, the solutions I offer are not mine, but his. I just happen to be pointing them out. I love authors who back up their words with action. Rudyard Kipling, Mark Twain, Sheri Dew and Nephi are some of my favorites.

What books are you reading right now? Hold Back the Dawn. It is an unpublished manuscript my grandmother wrote several decades ago. I’ve known it existed for a long time, but am just now reading it. It has been wonderful to experience a side of her I never knew through her perspective, word choice and storytelling.

My favorite book of all time? Runaway Bunny. The book only has two characters and I have played them both. As a child, I liked to push the limits and as a mother I am learning to support my children unconditionally no matter where their adventures may lead them.

How did you come up with your book’s premise? I follow the sequence of Nephi’s learning process. In fact, I use his famous verse of 1 Nephi 3:7 to reverse engineer his testimony to better understand what he knew that made him willing to say, “I will go and go.”

What was the most difficult thing about writing the book? First was remembering to pray before I began to write. If I did not, I would inevitably get stuck and have to start over. Second was developing the cover. I went down so many rabbit holes trying to find an image to relay spiritual resilience. Finally, I went with what was real: my own family. I had to write based on my own real questions. I had to share my own real interactions with my daughters and the Spirit, so it feels fitting. Besides, my family has their fingers all over this book. A book about family would mean nothing without them.

What advice would you give someone who thinks they might want to write a book? Be prepared for a long process. Be willing to humbly share parts of yourself. Every time you hit delete to start over it marks a mini-step of progress, not defeat. It means you are learning and changing and getting better.

What is the next book you will begin writing? I am already working on an illustrated children’s book based on the same ideas discussed in Spiritual Resilience but for a much younger crowd. The book is based on how Nephi developed his testimony and is called “I Will Go and Do.”

What do your fans mean to you? I wrote the book for the many youth I have worked with over the years. They have shared parts of themselves with me which is sacred. But I believe our Heavenly Father would tell me there is nothing there is nothing more sacred than a relationship between a parent and a child. I truly just want to be helpful in strengthening that bond to be even more reliable, loving, and strong.

What inspires you to get out of bed each day? Covid has wrecked my daily schedule. I stay up way too late and wake up too late in the morning, so that is a question that hits home. The answer is easy of course. It is my kids. I want to be with them more than I want to be on my pillow. When you are not writing, how do you spend your time? Like so many others, I wear many hats these days and not a single day Is the same. I help my kids on their heavy schoolwork, all are online and two are enrolled early in college. My church calling is time consuming in a wonderful way. My husband and I own a construction business. We are also currently renovating a personal property in Bend, Oregon. It is a place that has all my favorite things: mountains, rivers, hiking, biking, skiing, kayaking and food.

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About Rough Stock

Rough Stock

Life on the road is good . . . Until he meets her and realizes what he’s missing.

Westin Farr has been focused on one thing. To match his dad’s perfect 100-point record in professional bull riding. It’s getting closer; he can feel it. Although he misses his dad, life is good. Westin spends his days on the road, his nights bull riding, and his free time with his former college rodeo buddies—the Original Six. But when he meets the feisty Silvia Diaz, Westin finds that his lofty goals might not be so important after all.

The last thing Silvia wants to do is ‘work on herself’ at Broken Hearts Ranch in the tiny town of Lost Creek, Texas. And the last thing she needs is a cowboy sweet-talking her into staying. She agrees to give the place one week, one week only, and then she’s returning to normal life. Not even a bull rider who seems to look straight into her heart can change her mind . . . until he does.

Welcome to Lost Creek Rodeo!

Best friends at a small college in Texas, six cowboys rise to become pro-rodeo stars. Follow Ryan, Reid, Westin, Ford, Eric and Lars in these six swoony sports romances.

Lost Creek Rodeo Series:
Round Up
Chute Boss
Rough Stock
Full Rigged
Half Hitch
Ace High

My review

As I’m thinking about this whole series, I’m realizing that I love the way that the female characters aren’t perfect. They all have issues, that’s why they go to Lost Creek Ranch. And they all grow tremendously through these books. I love that! Another thing I love is seeing the original Bell Town Six Pack pop up in the stories.

This one features Sylvia, she’s Axel Diaz’s sister, if you’ve read the Bell Town series. (If not, you’d better! :)) Sylvia started out the book with quite an attitude. But I guess it’s not surprising with the way her life had gone. She goes to see Kellie at Lost Creek Ranch for help with her anxiety and panic attacks. I loved the way she learns that she is okay all on her own. She doesn’t need a guy to be okay. And her cooking was one of my favorite parts of the book. Making me happy that her recipes were at the end.

Westin isn’t perfect either. He is a nice guy. I loved the way he appears in Sylvia’s life just as she needs someone the most. She’s walking down the road in Texas, in her high heels, trying to get away from her brother. West was able to convince her that she should go to Lost Creek Ranch, not the airport.

I loved all of the rodeo in this one. It just made me happy. And Westin’s rodeo buddies are great too. I can’t wait to read all of their stories!

I’m really thinking that Kellie needs her own story! I hope the authors give her one as part of this series.

I was sent an e-copy of Rough Stock as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About An Uncommon Earl

An Uncommon Earl

Alexander Allerton, the Earl of Bloxley’s, greatest desire is to alleviate the suffering of the poor and less fortunate of England. So when his hackney carriage is involved in an accident that results in the death of one of those he is determined to help, he is devastated. Alexander vows to keep the promise he makes to the injured woman as she takes her final breaths: he will not rest until he finds her young son. 

After a crippling accident years ago, Jane Hadford is accustomed to being largely ignored at social events. But being overlooked has allowed her to hone her observational skills—and she quickly perceives that all is not well with the handsome Lord Bloxley. When an unexpected opportunity arises to talk to the earl, he surprises them both by sharing with her his fruitless search for the child. Touched by Lord Bloxley’s story and by his desire to make things right, Jane determines to help him fulfill his promise. What she cannot anticipate, however, is that the quest she has chosen to undertake will bring into her life a small boy who will steal her heart and a gentleman who might well do the same.

My review

I had no idea just how bad conditions would have been during this time period for young workers. I’m talking about really young workers, 4 to 7 years old. I loved the way author Sian Ann Bessey brought that to light in this novel. And the way that some of the gentry may have been trying to fix the problem as well. This story, especially the historically accurate parts touched me deeply.

Another thing I really loved about this one is that our heroine, Jane, is crippled from an accident. This brings her a lot of hardships. People were unkind and uncaring. But she rose above all of that and was able to show love to those that needed it around her. That was one of my very favorite things!

The Earl of Bloxley, Alexander, is one of the gentry trying to fix the problems he saw in society. I love how he was willing to work hard to fix things. And he was kind, even when others weren’t to Jane. And to anyone he felt needed his help.

This is a beautiful story. I loved reading it!

I was sent a copy of An Uncommon Earl as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About The Off Limits Rule

The Off Limits Rule

I have found rock bottom. It’s here, moving in with my older brother because I’m too broke to afford to live on my own. It’s okay though, because we’ve always been close and I think I’m going to have fun living with him again.

That is until I meet Cooper…

Turns out, my brother has very strong opinions on the idea of me dating his best friend and is dead set against it. According to him, Cooper is everything I should stay away from: flirtatious, adventurous, non-committal, and freaking hot. (I added that last part because I feel like you need the whole picture.) My brother is right—I should stay away from Cooper James and his pretty blue eyes. He’s the opposite of what I need right now.

Nah—who am I kidding? I’m going for it.

My review

Sarah Adams is one of my very favorite romantic comedy authors! I love the way she writes her books. Her characters are great. And the plot lines are funny.

This one took me a little bit longer than I would have liked to get into. I’m not sure what it was, I did end up loving the book!

I really liked Lucy. She was able to grow as a person during the story, which is a huge thing in a book. I think at the beginning she didn’t have a really great self-esteem. A lot of that could have been due to her situation as a single mom doing her best to raise her son. But as she was with Cooper more, she started to see herself in a different and better way. And don’t we all need a person to help us do that?

I really liked Cooper. The reader gets to see in his head as well. And that’s always fun. Cooper is a great guy. He’s got honor and he’s kind. Both great traits for a hero to have. These two were really great together, even though Lucy’s brother, Drew, didn’t want them to be.

And that’s where the fun of the plot comes in. Cooper knows that Drew wants nothing to do with him dating Lucy. So he tries to honor that. But…there’s just so much chemistry between the two of them.

I love the extra charaters in this one. Drew, Lucy’s boss Jessie, and her parents are all amazing! I’m really hoping to get to see her parents again. And I can’t wait for Drew’s story!

I borrowed The Off Limits Rule using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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About In Times of Rain and War

In Time of Rain and War

During World War II, an American soldier encounters a German woman living a secret life in bomb-blighted London.

In September of 1940, during the Blitz in London, Audrey Stocking is blending in with other civilians who are trying to survive the nightly bombings, but she has a secret. She’s not British; she’s German. Her fake passport and nearly perfect English allow her to blend in as she works hard to help evacuate British children into the countryside. Audrey longs to reunite with her family in Hamburg, but her double life, the bombings, and the watchful British Military Intelligence have forced her to stay put. And then there are the paralyzing nightmares . . .

Lieutenant Wesley Bowers, an American soldier training with London’s Bomb Disposal Company 5, meets Audrey when an air raid leaves an unexploded bomb on the floor of her flat. She is attractive, intelligent, and compassionate, and there’s an immediate connection between them. As they get to know each other, Wesley realizes Audrey is the one bright spot amid the war’s unending bleakness and constant threat of death. But will he still feel the same if he discovers the secrets she is hiding? Secrets even Audrey is unaware of?

In Times of Rain and War is a gripping and heartbreakingly beautiful story about the strength and resilience of the human heart and spirit, reminding us there is always hope in hard times.

My review

I love a good World War II novel. And Camron Wright is one of my very favorite authors. If you haven’t read The Rent Collector or The Orphan Keeper, you need to!

This book is so great! I loved the way the author wrote this book. The characters are fantastic. And the plot is unlike any World War II book I’ve seen yet.

The main characters are Audrey and Wes. These two are unlikely friends, a German Jewess and an American bomb disposal man. Yet, they become dear friends in their trials. And that was beautiful. I loved the way the book shifted around between characters. It made it so the reader gets a very complete picture of what was happening and when. There are many amazing characters in this one. The author does a great job with them.

I loved the way this author painted pictures in my mind with his words. It was almost as though I was in England during World War II. And the part of the plot with the letters, I love that whole idea. I might start my own letter box like Audrey had.

If you like World War II books, this one is a must read. I loved everything about it!

I was sent a copy of In Times of Rain and War as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About Danger on the Loch

danger on the loch

Raised by a cold and distant mother, photographer Paisley Clark has spent her life daydreaming about the father she doesn’t remember. Paisley’s dream turns to reality when a DNA test brings her in contact with the mysterious man. With her financial situation a disaster and her childhood friend James Pressley-Coombes working across the pond in Scotland, Paisley is emboldened to accept her father’s invitation to visit him.

She arrives in the Highlands only to discover that she isn’t Paisley Clark at all but a titled lady, the daughter of a Scottish duke. Despite the warm welcome and the comfort of James’s presence, dangerous undercurrents surround Castle Rannoch, her father’s estate. Overwhelmed, Paisley takes refuge in her camera and James’s steady presence to provide a sense of normalcy in her rags-to-riches transformation. But her once-easy relationship with James is changing, deepening beyond friendship in a surprising twist of events. Before they have time to examine their feelings, Paisley inadvertently captures a shocking image in one of her photographs—a picture worth killing for.

My review

Paige Edwards writes some of my very favorite romantic suspense books! I love the way her books fit together. They are full of familiar characters that it just makes me happy to see them again.

Something that was really cool about this one was Paisley. She’s a young woman who loves to photograph things. Her camera that her dad had sent her when she was young was a huge part of this story. And I loved it. I loved the way she discovered who her dad was and got to go meet him. Isn’t it every girl’s dream to find out her dad is from Scotland and that she’s really a titled lady? I loved how this happened for her. So cool!

I really loved how James was there for Paisley in Scotland. It was great that he was there for her when she needed someone. And the romance element was fabulous.

The plot of this one had plenty of danger and suspense. It kept me enthralled. I did not want to wait to read it. And I’m really glad that I can read so fast, so I finished it in less than 24 hours. I hate waiting to see what happens to a character when they’re in peril.

This book is so great, go grab your own copy!

I was sent a copy of Danger on the Loch as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About Come Sweet Day

come, sweet day

Bestselling romance author Julianne Donaldson has written deeply emotional, sweeping love stories in Edenbrooke and Blackmoore, often commenting that her characters were a reflection of what she wanted a woman’s life to be: happy, secure, unconditionally loved, and fulfilled. But in reality her own life was far more marked by difficult challenges and disappointments. In her new book, Donaldson reveals her thoughts and feelings from that unsettled time of despair and suffering so women can know they are not alone and that there is hope even in the hard times.

Compiled from years of inspirational words of encouragement to herself on social media and even bits and pieces of random musings written on scrap paper, this is a unique writer’s journey through a life passage marked by cancer, a bitter divorce, legal battles with her ex-husband, mental illness, and persistent feelings of rejection and abandonment which also rendered her unable to pick up her career as a writer to support herself and her family. Overwhelmed by sadness and almost paralyzed into inaction by despair, she slowly finds her way back to her writer’s toolbox, unpacking the pain and sharing her innermost feelings as if revealing a character’s thoughts in a novel. In her writing she begins to find rays of understanding and acceptance and eventually finds strength from knowing that God’s love and His grace and guidance give greater meaning to our suffering and light the way to hope.

My review

It’s not often that I pick up a book of poetry. In fact, I don’t think I really ever have. But I’ve seen people all over talking about this new one by Julianne Donaldson. And I wanted to read it to check it out.

I loved this book! I loved the way the author shared things about her life lately that would have been hard to share. As well as the poetry that she’d written. This book is so comforting. We are all going to have hard times. And reading through the author’s experiences, as well as her poetry will be helpful. It’s like someone reached out to give the reader a hug.

This book is beautiful too! I love the happy cover. But inside is filled with beautiful images to go along with the poetry. It’s so well done. I loved everything about it.

Hope is something we can all use more of. This would be a great gift for someone going through a hard time. Or just your mom for Mother’s Day.

I was sent an e-copy of Come, Sweet Day as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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