About There You’ll Find Me

There You'll Find Me

Grief brought Finley Sinclair to Ireland. Love will lead her home. 

Eighteen-year-old Finley Sinclair is witty, tough, talented, and driven. With an upcoming interview at the Manhattan music conservatory, she just needs to finish composing her audition piece. But her creativity disappeared with the death of her older brother, Will. 

She decides to take a break and study abroad, following Will’s travel journal to Ireland. Her brother felt closest to God there, and she hopes to find peace about his death. Meanwhile, Beckett Rush—teen heartthrob and Hollywood bad boy—is flying to Ireland to finish filming his latest vampire movie. On the flight, he bumps into Finley—the one girl who seems immune to his charm. Undeterred, Beckett convinces Finley to strike an unconventional bargain. 

As Finley deals with the loss of her brother, the pressures of school, and her impending audition, she wonders if an unlikely romance is blossoming between her and Beckett. Then she experiences something that radically changes her perspective on life. Has everything she’s been looking for been with her all along? 

My review

I recently watched Finding You, which left me curious about the book that it was based on. So I found my own copy. What I found in the pages of the book was not the same as the movie. The movie is magical. But so is the book, in it’s own way.

There You’ll Find Me is a Christian Young Adult Fiction. And the writing is fantastic. The reader feels transported to Ireland with Finley the main character. I loved the setting, the characters, and the plot. This whole book is great. And the last chapter left me in tears. That’s a mark of a good book, to care enough to cry over it.

I loved Finley. She has a way about her. She’s doing a study abroad program for her last year of high school. I had to laugh at the beginning when she was seated by Beckett Rush. He’s a movie star who thinks that everyone wants a bit of him. But she puts him in his place. I loved seeing the friendship these two develop throughout the book. They both need each other for different reasons.

Finley changes as the book goes along. She becomes hyper focused on how she looks. Something that is easy for any of us to do. But when we become so focused like that, it’s hard to see any good around us. Or even good in ourselves. I loved how she learned this through the woman she had been asked to serve, Cathleen.

This is such a great book! I’m going to have to read more by this author soon!

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About Coming Home

Coming Home

COMING HOME is all about finding love and eternal companionship. Laugh, cry, and root for your favorite couple as each character decides whether to serve as a missionary or comes home to find expectations shaken up. Set in Brigham City, Utah and BYU-Idaho, these faith-filled, sequential novellas feature overlapping characters with stories of their own.

In No Guessing Required, Tyler returns from his mission knowing his feelings for Raychel have blossomed into love. He can’t keep his feelings from her as they resume their relationship, but she resists reciprocating, in spite of the wonderful dates he plans. Raychel is submitting her own missionary papers, and Patrick, Tyler’s best friend, might also be a good catch after she returns home.

Storm-tossed is a poignant story revolving around Raychel’s cousin, Daila, who invites newly returned missionary, John, to a YSA activity. John’s girlfriend and Tyler’s younger sister, Karilynn, had asked best friend Daila to keep John “safe” from other girls until she gets home from her mission. But John and Daila soon become attracted to one another as John sees Daila as a better match for him and Daila can’t resist her first real taste of a man’s favorable attention.

After being Dumped, Karilynn returns from her mission two days after her former boyfriend marries her former best friend. A series of innocent and hilarious events has people believing that she and her brother’s friend, Patrick, are dating. Patrick is too intent on his GPA for a social life, but worries his roommate, Nick, might have an interest in Karilynn. When Nick and Karilynn accidentally end up going to a dance together, is it enough to wake Patrick up to his feelings for Karilynn?

Mari and Nick head a FHE group for their BYU-I ward, where Nick secretly takes an interest in her. He encourages her boyfriend, Carter, to go on a mission. Carter doesn’t want competition, so he buys Mari a huge promise ring. Carter’s new job to earn money for his mission is with Nick and Patrick at a dance studio, leaving even less time with Mari. In The Dance, Carter is matched with Gabriella, the instructor’s daughter, for an upcoming dance competition, and Mari is matched with Nick.

My review

I haven’t ever read a book quite like this one. I loved the way each of the stories in it were intertwined. It made me more excited to read the next story. I loved the way each of these authors approached their own stories and characters differently, but they still went so well together.

First up is No Guessing Required by Renae Weight Mackley. I loved Tyler in this one. He knew that he wanted to marry Raychel. That was all he had ever wanted. But she wants to keep him at arm’s length so she can serve her own mission, as well as to see if Tyler is the one for her or if it’s Patrick. This one is a fun story. I loved the feeling of community that the author provided for her Brigham City setting.

Next was Storm Tossed by Melissa Cunningham. This one features Raychel’s cousin, Daila and John who was Tyler’s sister’s boyfriend. This one was maybe the hardest one to read. Just because the reader knows that John has a pornography addiction. And Daila doesn’t. I think this is one topic that needs to be discussed more. It appears to be very prevalent in our young men right now. And it’s a bit scary. I liked the way the author handled this topic. She did a great job kind of showing how one thing can lead to another in a situation like this. And I liked the end feeling that repentance is possible for all of us.

Then there was Janice Sperry’s Dumped. I liked the way Karilynn and Patrick accidentally let every one think they are dating in this one. The nursery scene especially made me laugh. It was just fun how Raychel’s roommate, Mari ends up being part of Karilynn’s life in this one. And I loved how Patrick realized what he wanted. And the forgiveness aspect of this one is a great thing as well.

Last up is The Dance by Rebecca Jamison. This one pairs Mari and Nick as Family Home Evening group parents. Mari has a serious boyfriend who is planning to go on a mission. Nick is so obviously in love with Mari that it’s almost funny. I loved this one. The way the two become good friends, then dance partners. The feeling of this one that things work out how they are supposed to. This one was so cute!

I enjoyed this book! The authors did a fabulous job putting it together.

I was sent a copy of Coming Home as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About To Marry an Earl

To Marry an Earl

Katherine Cartwright knows through bitter experience that true love is fiction and trust should not be bestowed easily. Now, after two unsuccessful London Seasons, her atrocious father has decided to marry her off to the highest bidder to pay for his gambling debts, ridding himself of the daughter he never wanted. A profitable deal is struck, and Kate is packed off to the home of her betrothed, an earl she has never met. Or so she believes.

When James Fenwick, the new Earl of Bowcott, learns that the girl he’s loved since childhood is being sold off like chattel, he’s determined to step in and save her. He makes an offer her father cannot refuse and insists on a proper engagement. But when Kate meets James again, her old friend cannot bring himself to admit it is him whom she is to marry. Soon, an intricate charade and a past that cannot be escaped jeopardize James’s chance at rekindling their friendship, to say nothing of winning Kate’s heart. Can love truly conquer all, or was this a match doomed from the start?

My review

Karen Thornell knows how to write a great romance book! I loved this one. Her characters were fabulous. The setting was great. And her plot…wow!

I loved Katherine. She’s the type of girl who has a backbone. And it kills her that her mother doesn’t. Her father is terrible. And Kate has learned that she needs to be in control of her future, not him. But she also needs to learn to trust others. I loved the way Kate grows through out this book. She starts out untrusting of pretty much everyone around her, but she learns that that kind of life is no way to truly live.

And James. I loved his character. The way he rescued Kate when she had no idea she needed or wanted to be rescued was one of my favorite things. But he did lie to her for a really long time about who he was or wasn’t. He is a true gentleman, the type all of the ladies would have swooned over in that day. So, so great!

The plot of this one is not what you normally see when you read these types of books. There is a bit of mystery involved. And that was the best part. I loved how no one had figured out who the culprit was before it was revealed!

This is such a great book! I can’t wait for this author’s next book.

I was sent a copy of To Marry an Earl as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About All My Loved Ones

All My Loved Ones

All My Loved Ones is the story of Kerris Wells, who moves to a small northern Canadian town to rebuild her own life whilere building a house following her divorce. Taking her first steps into her new reality, Kerris misses her beloved grandmother, who was her oasis during Kerris’s difficult childhood. A series of discoveries reveal truths about her grandmother; she did not die as Kerris had been told; she had in fact abandoned her family and headed north.

Struggling to understand what happened, Kerris follows in her grandmother’s footsteps and finds a faith that helps her not only understand but forgive the woman who left her. Along the way, she gains the strength to let go of the anger and pain leftover from her divorce, making room within herself for new love and friendship. As Kerris draws closer to a handful of neighborhood children (and a certain local single dad), she also learns that—despite her sorrow at never having had children—there is more than one way to be a mother.

My review

I loved this book by Kristen McKendry so much! It was one of those books that I read in 24 hours. I didn’t want to stop reading it. This book seemed to me to be more women’s fiction with a bit of romance than a true romance. It was amazing!

I loved Kerris. She’s recently divorced and recently been left a house by someone in a small town called Smoke River. She has no idea who though. I loved the way she took Finn in from the start. Even though she had never been a mother, she was able to mother him. And those kids that she met along the way too. This was one of my favorite things about the story!

The reader sees the whole story through Kerris’ eyes. That makes it so they only know what she knows. There were several twists in the plot because of this, and that made me love it even more.

I loved the journey of discovery Kerris went on in this book. She not only learned a lot about herself. She eventually learned about the owner of the house and just why they wanted to stay anonymous. I loved how she was able to dig in and learn even more at that point.

And I loved that there was a touch of romance. This was such a great book!

I was sent a copy of All My Loved Ones as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About Dash of Destiny

Dash of Destiny

♥ It’s going to take more than magic to give them a second chance at love. It’s going to take destiny. ♥

Eden Noyes hasn’t been back to Hawthorne, Massachusetts, since the summer before college. Sure, her ex, celebrity motivational speaker Carter Hughes lives there, and she doesn’t exactly want to see him. And strange things—things she can’t explain—always seem to happen in Hawthorne that don’t anywhere else, but nobody except Grandma Tansy has any idea the real reason she’s been staying away. That is, if Grandma Tansy even remembers. It seems she’s been forgetting everything else. Which is why Eden trudges back to Hawthorne with her secret.

Carter Hughes doesn’t exactly want to see Eden either. She blindsided him years ago when she left, and he’s not about to let her mess with his heart again. Things may not be going so great for him, and Eden Noyes returning to town can only make things worse.

Grandma Tansy says it’s their destiny to end up together, but what does she know? It’s going to take more than magic to make up for the tragic mistakes in their past.

My review

I love books that are all connected! This one by Maria Hoagland is not only connected to the others in this series, it’s connect to one of her books, While You Were Speaking, in another series. And that made the whole thing even better for me.

I loved Eden. The way she was willing to drop her whole life and move to Hawthorne to care for her Grandma Tansy made me happy. She always put family first and that is a great quality to have. Her daughter is so adorable too! That daughter causes quite a stir though when Eden moves back to town, because no one knows about her and she happens to look like Carter Hughes family.

Speaking of Carter. It was so fun to see him in this one. And to get to know him better. I liked the way he was always helping Grandma Tansy with anything she needed. That put him in close proximity to Eden a lot of times. And he was so sweet with her little girl!

I loved this book! It was a quick, fun read filled with love and magic.

I was sent an e-copy of Dash of Destiny as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About Just His Boss

Just His Boss

She’s just his boss, especially since Tara just barely hired Alec. But when things heat up in the kitchen, Tara will have to decide where Alec is needed more—on her arm or behind the stove.

Alec Ward makes sure everyone knows I’m the boss. He thinks it’s some sort of homage to me or something. I find it as sarcastic and annoying as he is drop-dead gorgeous.

I’d have fired him on his first day for his Grumpy-Cat attitude, but he’s the best thing to happen to Saucebilities since I opened the doors a decade ago. He acts like dating is beneath him, and I’m happy to feed that opinion for him by telling him all about my dating disasters while we whip up delicacies for the rich and famous around Charleston.

I know just how to handle men like Alec.

Until an article comes out that could devastate me. The headline?

No one trusts a skinny chef, but can the plump cooks in this town find love?

I’m the headliner in the article, thanks to an ex who’s looking for revenge. “Plump?” I rage to Alec, a knife in my hand. “I’ll show him plump.”

I expect him to laugh, pluck the knife away before I hurt myself, and tell me to get over it. Instead, he says, “You should show him that women of all sizes can find love.”

So he’s deeper than I thought. Big deal. Doesn’t mean I’m going to fall for his knife skills or the muscles it takes to lift all those pounds of potatoes. I do take his advice and leave a comment on my ex’s article.

When my ex walks into my kitchen, uninvited I might add, and demands to know who I’m dating, Alec steps right to my side with, “Is this the guy, baby?”

Oh, he’s the guy, and I suddenly want to show him—and myself—that I’m a good catch, curves and all…

My review

I love romantic comedies. And what makes me love them even more is when they are a series and talk about loved characters from previous books as well. I loved this one for that reason. Donna Jefferies writes such great characters and such great romantic comedy.

This one features Tara and Alec. I loved how these two were not really even friends at the beginning. They worked together. Tara was the boss. But they didn’t even really like each other. I loved the way these two slowly became more than boss and employee.

So many things about this one just worked for me. The characters, the plot, the comedy and the cooking were all my favorite things. I loved that I was able to get this one right after finishing reading Just His Secretary. I can’t wait for more by this author!

I borrowed a copy of Just His Boss Using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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About The Slow March of Light

the slow march of light

Sometimes all you have is hope. 

In the summer of 1961, a wall of barbed wire goes up quickly in the dead of night, officially dividing Berlin. Aware of the many whose families have been divided, Luisa joins a secret spy network, risking her life to help East Germans escape across the Berlin Wall and into the West. 

Bob Inama, a soldier in the US Army, is stationed in West Germany. He’s glad to be fluent in German,  especially after meeting Luisa Voigt at a church social. As they spend time together, they form a close connection. But when Bob receives classified orders to leave for undercover work immediately, he  doesn’t get the chance to say goodbye. 

With a fake identity, Bob’s special assignment is to be a spy embedded in East Germany, identifying  possible targets for the US military. But Soviet and East German spies, the secret police, and Stasi  informants are everywhere, and the danger of being caught and sent to a brutal East German prison lurks on every corner. 

Best-selling author Heather B. Moore masterfully alternates the stories of Bob and Luisa, capturing the human drama unique to Cold War Germany as well as the courage and the resilience of the human spirit.

My review

This book touched me so much! It’s a novel, but it’s based on the life of a man. A man who I’m sure saw himself as ordinary, but he did extraordinary things. I loved the way Heather B Moore portrayed him. She did a great job making him seem real. And human. That was probably my favorite thing about this book.

Bob Inama didn’t really want to go to war when he was drafted. Who would have? He had his plans for schooling set. Plus, who really wants to go to war? But he went any way. He wasn’t the type of man who would turn down his government. The same for his undercover assignment. I loved the way he put his all into whatever he was asked to do. And the way he showed gratitude for the little things, like the man who became his only friend at one point. Wow! The reader can tell from this book that Bob was an amazing man.

Bob isn’t the only character though. There is also Luisa. I loved that the author based her on a real person. Or people. Luisa’s character shows that we can make a difference in some one else’s life. Sometimes it may be small, and sometimes it may be large. We need to put ourselves a little at risk sometimes to make a difference. She was willing to do that, and that made her a hero.

I loved this book! I’m grateful for the chance to get to know a little about this great man.

I was sent a copy of The Slow March of Light as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About Just His Secretary

Just His Secretary

She’s just his secretary…until he needs someone on his arm to convince his mother that he can take over the family business. Then Callie becomes Dawson’s girlfriend—but just in his text messages…but maybe she’ll start to worm her way into his shriveled heart too.

Dawson Houser makes sure everyone who comes into the office knows I’m “just his secretary.”

Heck, I’ve even said it to suppliers and CEOs when they smile knowingly at the two of us during business meetings. He scowls and grumps around the office afterward, as if the two of us dating is the most ridiculous thing on the planet.

Dawson can handle them. I can handle them—and him too, once they leave. And he’s no picnic, let me tell you.

Who can’t we handle?

His mother.

When Lila Houser comes to town with her faux furs and fashion sunglasses, she only has one question for her spoiled rotten son: When are you going to get married, Dawson, darling?

I expect him to laugh and tell her he’s never getting married. I mean, I’ve heard those exact words come out of his mouth.

Instead, he pulls me to his side and says, “Maybe sooner than you think, Mother.”

Oh, that Lila Houser can make a woman feel two inches tall with a simple up-down look. I think I’m a pretty good catch…no matter what my last three boyfriends say.

When Lila says, “I thought Callie was just your secretary,” I suddenly want to prove her dead wrong…

My review

This book was so great! I loved everything about this romantic comedy by Donna Jefferies. In fact, as soon as I finished I borrowed the second one and read that one as well.

This one is about Callie and Dawson. Callie is Dawson’s secretary. I loved these two together. They were the only two that were always in the office. And they were just perfect for each other. But they weren’t dating. At least not until they had to because Dawson’s mom was coming to town.

I loved Callie. She had plenty of spunk. I loved the way she worked hard to get what she wanted. And she had plenty of idiosyncrasies to make the reader laugh.

I liked Dawson too. He was a bit dense sometimes. That made him a little endearing. I loved the way he loved the little things about Callie.

Everything about this book was great! I loved the plot, the characters and the comedy. This is one you definitely want to read!

I borrowed a copy of Just His Secretary using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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About Brides and Brothers

Brides and Brothers

A modern retelling of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

Camille Kelly is in real danger of becoming an old maid—at least by Cherish, Montana, standards. She has all but given up on finding Mr. Right—until her broken laptop leads her to Aiden Peterson, a tall, dark, and handsome computer genius. Camille would never have believed her magic moment was right around the corner, but after two whirlwind weeks, she has a ring on her finger and has happily ever after in sight. However, she soon discovers Aiden is part of a daunting package deal . . .

As the eldest of seven brothers, Aiden has never had a problem living under the same roof as his rambunctious siblings. When he falls for Camille, he is confident she’ll fit right into his family’s already bursting home. He thought wrong. Aiden and Camille’s storybook romance comes to a screeching halt when she discovers her new living situation. Not willing to submit to a life mothering a bunch of grown men, Camille has only one option: she embarks on a campaign to improve her new brothers-in-law and marry them off. And what better candidates for wives than her own best friends? 

My review

Do you have a favorite musical? One you’ve watched so many times you can not only sing the songs, but repeat the dialogue as well? Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is one of those for me. I just love it. And I can not tell you how many times I’ve seen it, so many! I love that Anneka Walker wanted to make a contemporary love story out of it. And she did such a great job!

This book has so many characters. But the reader gets to “know” just two Camille and Aiden. These two do such a great job of telling their own love story. And their friends/siblings love stories too.

You might have guessed that Aiden has six brothers. All unmarried. All living in the same house. When Camille and Aiden decide to get married, she didn’t realize they were all living together. That brought plenty of hilarity. I loved the way that Camille goes out of her way to serve her brothers-in-law. But she also hatches a plan to get them all married.

Aiden hatches his own plan later on. And that was so fun too! This is one of those books that I want to read over. I loved it so much! The author did a great job with this book! I hope she writes more contemporary books soon.

I was sent a copy of Brides and Brothers as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About Forever You and Me

forever you and me

Marianne Macintosh wants nothing more than to leave her sleepy little town and start her life for real. Trapped by her need to help her parents and their struggling ranch, she is pretty sure she’ll be stuck forever until a handsome stranger breaks down on the edge of town and bids on her in a date auction. He might just be her ticket out of Rockwell.

Lucas Hawthorne has been on the road for three years, trying to run from a past that is always right on his heels. Though he knows he can’t stay in Rockwell, there is one compelling reason not to continue on his way: Marianne. He can sense something special about her, and the helping instinct in him tells him she isn’t as happy as she seems.

Lucas and Marianne are pulled together by a stronger connection than either of them have felt before, and though they are both falling fast, Lucas has a secret he can’t—won’t—share because he knows it will ruin everything.

Marianne hopes he will eventually trust her with his past, because she knows it just like he does: they’re meant to be together for the rest of their lives.

My review

I enjoyed this book so much! Dana LeCheminant did such a great job with her characters and the plot. I loved the setting as well. It was almost as though I was there on Marianne’s ranch with her.

One thing about Marianne was that she really wanted nothing to do with Lucas. She didn’t trust him. And that was kind of his fault for the way he acted when she first met him broken down at the end of her family’s ranch. But even as she got to know him, she didn’t want to trust him.

Lucas didn’t feel like he was the kind of guy who was trustworthy either. He needed somewhere to stay, because his car wasn’t fixable. But he had no money. I loved the way Marianne’s family took him in and cared for him when he had no one. He tried to repay them by helping out at the festival. And that back fired on him. That scene was one of my favorites. The big thing with Lucas was his past. He had a lot of secrets and they eventually came back to hurt him.

This book is a great start to a new series by this author. I can’t wait to read more!

I was sent an e-copy of Forever You and Me as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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