Hey! If you can’t tell reading is really important to me. I’ve read to myself since I was a little girl. And it’s really important that I read to my kids as well. We have two older daughters (17 and 11) who I read every night to as a mom. And we have a 4 year old boy. Both my husband and I read to him every night. He looks forward to it, and he’d be really sad to miss a night.

I thought I’d just take a minute today and show you our top 10 books that we love to read to our little guy. These are in no particular order. And this post does contain affiliate links. You are in no way obligated to buy off my links. You could probably borrow a lot of these book from your local library. So, on to my top 10 books for 4 year old boys!

Top 10 books for 4 year old boysEven Firefighters Go to the Potty If you can’t tell, we’ve been working on potty training at our house. This book has come in handy. We love the fun illustrations, I wish I could show you some of the clever pictures. And we love the way the book shows that it’s okay to stop whatever it is you are doing and go to the potty. This book is a large board book type book, so you don’t have to worry about it getting broken by your little ones. It really is perfect for them!



Top 10 books for 4 year oldsThe Cat in the Hat Comes Back You can’t have a favorite book list and not include at least 1 of Dr Seuess’ books. They are so much fun! This is one that I hadn’t found with our older daughters, but I picked up a copy at a local used book store. And I know this one gets requested at our house even more than the original Cat in the Hat book. The story in this one is just fun. The cat is back and he’s just as much trouble as he’s ever been. I love that he brings a lot of extra cats with him in this one and they are just as much trouble as he is.



Top 10 books for 4 year old boysThe Saggy Baggy Elephant is a book that I remember liking as a kid. I love that something that I loved as a child is also loved by our child. These books have really stood the test of time. The illustrations are simple, but cute. I find myself smiling every time he wants to read this one. It’s one he chooses often.




Top 10 books for 4 year old boysThe Tawny Scrawny Lion is another book that I loved as a child. I love the lion in this one. He is the bane of the jungle until the other animals introduce him to the rabbit. My favorite part of this one has always been the rabbits. How they are able to tame the lion into not chasing or eating any of the jungle animals any more. 




Top 10 books for 4 year old boysI love the If You Give series! There are a bunch of these. The premise is that the human friend gives the animal food of some sort. The animal asks for something else and something else and eventually they end up back at the original thing. I love the illustrations in these. The stories are clever and repetitive. Both super important for young developing brains. Make sure to check out the entire series of these!




Top 10 books for 4 year old boysClick Clack Moo, Cows that Type is the start of another fun series! What kid, especially little boys, doesn’t love farm animals? This series is so much fun. The animals are crazy, and always into trouble of some kind. The farmer is always grumpy at them for something. And duck is just hilarious! We’ve read a bunch of the books in this series and they are all fabulous! We love them!




Top 10 books for 4 year old boysCorduroy is another of our very favorite characters. I love the idea of him coming to life and searching the department store for his missing button. And then he finds his best friend and finally gets a home. There are countless stories about Corduroy and they are all so much fun! Make sure to check him out!




Top 10 books for 4 year old boysAlexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day is another one of our favorites. It’s the favorite of tons of people worldwide, that’s why they made a movie of it. I love that we can all relate. Every one of us has had a terrible day at least one time in our lives. But like Alexander, we can learn that there’s always going to be a day like that, no matter where you are. But we can still get up the next day and make it be a better day than the terrible one. And did you know that there are several books about Alexander? Check out the others as well!



Top 10 books for 4 year old boysChicka Chicka Boom Boom is a perennial favorite at bedtime. We read this one quite a bit as well. I love the way that it reinforces the letters for the kids in a fun way. It’s a competition to race to the top of the coconut tree. But there are too many letters on the tree. Causing a problem for the letters. This one is just fun! And there are more than one of these as well. I haven’t read any of the others yet, but I’m planning to.



Top 10 books for 4 year old boysAnd last but not least, we have the second Dr. Seuss book on my list, Green Eggs and Ham. We love reading this one together. The rhymes and the way the Sam and the other character (I don’t think we know his name) makes me laugh every time. I love the whole thing!


Now that you know our favorites, I’m curious to know some of yours. You can comment on this post, or check out my Facebook and Instagram links at the top and comment there. 



Guys, today I get to show you Stacy Henrie’s newest book cover! I’m super excited. So here we go.

Cover reveal - Night at the opera

What do you think? I love it! Here’s the book details.

From USA Today bestselling author Stacy Henrie, comes NIGHT AT THE OPERA, an American Heiress Novel.

NIGHT AT THE OPERA – Book 1 (1908)

When American heiress Gwen Barton aids an injured gentleman in an opera box in London, she shares a kiss with the stranger that changes her life. More determined than ever to be herself, in spite of the limp she’s sustained since childhood, she will marry for love and not a title. She also resolves to learn the identity of the man she helped—and kissed. Surely he can’t be the irritating Avery Winfield, though. But as circumstances continue to throw Gwen and Avery together, she begins to wonder if there is more to this man than she first thought. 

While most of London only knows him as the nephew of a duke, Avery Winfield is actually working for the Secret Service Bureau to ferret out German spies from among the ton. It’s a profession that gives him purpose and a reason to remain a bachelor. But the more he interacts with Gwen Barton, an heiress from America, the more he begins to question his plans and neglected faith. Then he learns Gwen is the young lady from the opera box who helped him. Now his most important mission may have nothing to do with saving Britain from danger and everything to do with risking his heart for the woman he met that night at the opera.

More American Heiress books:
Beneath an Italian Sky (April 2019)
Among Sand and Sunshine (October 2019) 

Pre-order here. This is an affiliate link.

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About A Tangled Ruse

A Tangled RuseAfter a failed abduction attempt, Lady Rachel is sent into hiding on her uncle’s estate near the sleepy village of Rockcliffe on the shores of Scotland. As she struggles to cope with the nightmares of her past, she unwittingly stumbles into even greater danger than she left behind. And this time, Shadow isn’t around to save her.

Luke Beckett, the Marquess of Downshire, was content running his stud farm in solitude, far from the scheming of the devious women of Society. That is, until his neighbor’s infuriatingly contrary niece rides into his life. Hiding behind the guise of a common horse trainer, he begins to form a peculiar friendship with Lady Rachel, without the constraints of his title. However, the longer the ruse continues, the more Luke realizes there is much more at stake than just their friendship.

With the looming threat of a French invasion, Luke and Rachel must work together to stop the tangled web of treachery before it is too late. When the truth is finally revealed, will they have the strength to trust each other with their hearts, or will the fear of rejection destroy their relationship before it has a chance to begin?

My review

This book grabbed my attention from the very first page. There is so much going on in it plot wise. There’s always a character in peril and I didn’t want to put it down! I finished it in one day. It was so great!

This one is about Lady Rachel, she was Eliza’s friend from Saving Shadow. I’m just realizing that if I say any more than that, I’m going to give away the plots of several of the other books. So, I’m going to give you an assignment. Go read all of the other books! I put links to them in my What to read next section. 

Anyway, Lady Rachel. I love her! She’s a bit of a bluestocking. In the Regency time period, that means that she likes to read and she does things that a lot of ladies would never do. Rachel wants to be an author, something most ladies would never imagine themselves doing. But due to circumstances beyond her control, she’s being sent to her uncle’s home in Scotland for her own protection. I love the way Rachel is not content to sit idly by doing things ladies should be doing, like embroidery. Rather she’s out riding astride on horses and trying to figure out what’s wrong with her cousin Emmett.

Then she meets Luke…er… John. This is part of what makes this book so fun! Neither Rachel or Luke admit to the other who they really are. Luke is a Marquess. But when he meets Rachel, she appears to be stealing his horse. And he decides not to tell her who he really is. As you can imagine this ends up getting him into tons of trouble with all kinds of people. But he’s actually a great guy, no matter how gruff and closed off he seems to be.

Luke is Eliza’s brother. That means that she plays a huge role in the plot later on. She’s probably one of my most favorite characters ever and this book only reinforces that! I love her cool head in peril.

The plot, as I said earlier is filled with danger and twists and turns that I didn’t see coming. I loved every minute of reading this one!

I was sent an e-copy of A Tangled Ruse as a gift from the author.

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What to read after A Tangled Ruse



Disneyland's Birthday SaleIt’s the most magical day of the year! That’s right, it’s Disneyland’s birthday today. Disneyland’s Birthday only comes around one time a year! And to celebrate, my friends at Get Away Today have a great deal. Here’s the details:

  • Adults at Kids’ Prices on 3-Day and longer Park Hopper Tickets
  • Save up to $19 per person!
  • Valid for travel all of 2018
  • Must be purchased by Monday, July 23, 2018
  • My promo code (BookaDay) can also be used with this sale if used in conjunction with a 2-night hotel stay

This is a great deal, but it’s only valid for a week. Make sure you grab your tickets right away!

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About The Matchmaker’s Match

The Matchmaker's MatchEliza Woodhouse has everything a girl could want: a delightful little beachside flower shop, a loving family, and the best friend a girl could ask for. And while she suffers a chronic lack of romance in her own life, the bohemian beauty is a self-proclaimed matchmaker extraordinaire, as evidenced by her recent successes. Having found a fiancé for her sister and a boyfriend for her best friend, she is now taking her lovelorn new employee under her wing. Yes, life is working out quite nicely for Eliza. Until Parker Knightley walks back into her life.

After three years in Hong Kong, Parker is in town for his brother’s upcoming wedding to Eliza’s sister. They’ve all known each other their whole lives, and Eliza will never be anything but Little Liza Belle to her handsome childhood tormenter. So the fact that their siblings are getting married simply puts Parker one step closer to becoming the big brother he and Eliza have always joked about him being. But the more time they spend together, the more confused Eliza’s feelings become. Because she has come to the shocking realization that the role of brother is the last role she wants Parker to play in her life . . .

My review

I’m always happy when I get to read a new book by an author that I’ve read and enjoyed reading before! I really enjoyed the two books I’ve read by Brittany Larsen Pride and Politics and Sense and Second Chances. I liked The Matchmaker’s Match just as much! 

Eliza is a great character. I was really amazed by how much she tried to do for everyone around her. She takes care of her dad, because he has a bit of mental illness and she doesn’t want to leave him alone. Eliza works hard on her sister Caroline’s wedding, and she does the same planning for her best friends wedding. And she’s always giving people jobs in her flower shop. Even to the point of losing money instead of making it. She really has a big heart. The big thing with Eliza is that she doesn’t know when to stop taking care of everyone around her, and take care of herself instead.

Then there’s Parker. He’s the brother of Caroline’s husband. I liked him, but I didn’t feel like I “knew” him because the whole story is from Eliza’s point of view. One thing about Parker is that he never seems to feel as though Eliza is good enough. There seems to be a running list of what she does wrong from him. I really wish that I knew what he was thinking through some of this book. 

There are so many fun characters in this one. Hailey, Elton, Taylor, Nancy, Jami, Blake. I really want to know what happens to each and every one of them! 

I liked the beach town vibe this one has. It’s set in Orange County, California. There’s tons of outdoor ocean and beachy fun. It made me want to head to the beach, get out a chair and read by the ocean. 

This one is really a fun one! I can’t wait to read more by this author!

I was gifted a copy of this book by the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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AmazonDeseret Book

What to read after The Matchmaker’s Match



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I’ve mentioned before that our family really likes to travel together. We try to go on a “big” family trip all together at least one time a year. One place that we’ve been many times (3 altogether) is Nauvoo, Illinois. 

family travel Nauvoo, Illinois

Nauvoo is a really fun place to travel with a family. There are tons of activities and they are all FREE! That’s really our favorite part. We also love that you learn something about history, and about how people would have lived in the 1800’s. And you can act it out a little bit on your own. There are so many things you can see and do in Nauvoo with your family. You’ll never have time to get bored!

Nauvoo isn’t really a big town any more. But back in the 1840’s when the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was headquartered there, it was. It rivaled Chicago at the time. And that might have been part of the problem. You see, the people who lived in this town were eventually persecuted so much that they only thing they felt they could do was leave. And leave they did. They traveled clear across the United States and set up shop in Utah near The Great Salt Lake. 

It’s a bit hard for me to imagine what these people must have thought at that point. They went from a very wet, lush, green climate to a high desert. It’s very dry in Utah and there are hardly any trees. I should take some time to read journals from the time to see just what the people thought.

Anyway…I digress. What I really wanted to tell you today is that I’ve written my next article for Tips for Family Trips and it was published this week. And what did I write about? Nauvoo. If you’ve ever wondered how things work there this article is for you. It’s also for you if you read what I talked about earlier and now you’re curious. 

Take the time to check it out. And let me know what kinds of things you’d like me to talk about!

About The Forgotten Road

the forgotten roadThe second novel in the bestselling trilogy from Richard Paul Evans about a man on an inspirational pilgrimage across Route 66 to find his way back to himself.

Chicago celebrity and successful pitchman Charles James is supposed to be dead. Everyone believes he was killed in a fiery plane crash. But thanks to a remarkable twist of fate, he’s very much alive and ready for a second chance at life—and love. Narrowly escaping death has brought Charles some clarity: the money, the fame, the fast cars—none of it was making him happy. The last time he was happy—truly happy—was when he was married to his ex-wife Monica, before their connection was destroyed by his ambition and greed.

Charles decides to embark on an epic quest: He will walk the entire length of Route 66, from Chicago to California, where he hopes to convince Monica to give him another shot. Along the way, Charles is immersed in the deep and rich history of one of America’s most iconic highways. But the greater journey he finds is the one he takes in his heart as he meets people along the road who will change his perspective on the world. But will his transformation be enough to earn redemption?

My review

I usually like to read Richard Paul Evans’ books. I don’t have any that I’ve bought, but I’ll borrow them from the library. It’s been almost exactly a year since I read the first book in this series, The Broken Road.

I kind of have mixed feelings on this one. This book seems a lot like this author’s The Walk Series. But the main character in this one isn’t nearly as likable. He seems a bit like a sleazy used car salesman. At least he does at the beginning of the book. By the end of this one, he’s growing on me a little bit. But I still can’t say that I like him.

In this book you see everything through the eyes of Charles James. He was supposed to be on a flight that ended up crashing and he spends a good chunk of his time at the beginning of the book trying to get out of his home town of Chicago without being seen or recognized by anyone. He figures since he’s supposed to be dead that it’s as good a time as any to disappear. And he really takes no thought for anyone besides himself. I was kind of appalled by the conceited way that he went to his own funeral. He went expecting it to be full of mourners that would go nuts when he went to the microphone and showed them all he had survived after all. What he found was about 6 other people. And at least some of those people didn’t like him anyway.

The plot of this one is fine. Like I said earlier, it really reminds me of The Walk series by that same author. I don’t think I’ll go out of my way to read the third book in this series. For me to want to read more, I’d have to care about the character enough to want to know what happens to him. And I’d have to think there would be something in the plot of the next one that’s really interesting. I don’t on either count.

I borrowed this book from my local library.

Purchase link


What to read after The Forgotten Road


About Waiting for You

waiting for youUSA Today bestselling author Heather B. Moore welcomes you to Pine Valley! 

WAITING FOR YOU is Gwen & Seth’s story.

Gwen Robbins loves her job waitressing at the Pine Valley resort restaurant, and as a single woman, she has no trouble turning down any offers of dates from the restaurant patrons. Even when her boss, Seth Owens, shows interest in her, she’s not tempted in the least, no matter how strong their attraction. 

But when Seth helps her through a crisis, she begins to see him in a different light. He’s not the rich and privileged business owner she first makes him out to be, but a man who’s making huge sacrifices to follow his own dreams. As Seth encourages Gwen to mend her own divide with her family, she realizes her heart is slowly opening toward a better future.

My review

I always love reading books in a series. It’s so much fun to see how life turns out for characters that you’ve grown to know and love. Heather Moore’s Pine Valley novels are that way. I love that you can read them in any order and they’ll still make sense. And her characters are some of my very favorites.

Waiting for You  features Seth and Gwen. Gwen is pretty much an amazing woman. She was raised in a wealthy family. But when she realized how much suffering was in the world, she gave that life up. She traded her life of privilege for serving others, a small apartment, a car that doesn’t run always and a job as a waitress. Gwen inspires me with the way she’s always volunteering at the homeless shelter. She wants the best for those people. Including Fourth of July cupcakes.

That’s where Seth comes in. When Gwen’s cupcake order falls through, he’s quick to offer to help her bake them. Something I thought was really fun about Seth was that he is actually a man who went to a fancy cooking school. That’s something his wealthy parents are actually ashamed of. I loved watching as Seth and Gwen really learned about each other. And as they fell in love over good food and spending a lot of time together. 

This is such a fun series! Make sure you read them all!

I was sent an e-copy of Waiting for You as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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What to read after Waiting for You

This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click on my link and make a purchase I may receive a small commission.


About Model Mormon: Fighting for Self-Worth on the Runway and as an Independent Woman

model mormonWhen sixteen-year-old Rosemary Card left Salt Lake to become a model, she had no idea what awaited her in New York City. As her career took her around the globe over the next two years, Rosie experienced the highs and lows of the fashion industry and learned firsthand the strength found in being true to yourself, listening to guidance from the Spirit, and discovering confidence as a single LDS woman. Now retired from modeling, Rosie shares her inspiring true story of how focusing on developing her mind and heart in the process of becoming more like Christ blessed her with opportunities and challenges she could never have imagined! 

My review

I love reading books about people that make up our world. I’ve followed Rosemary Card and her QNoor account on Instagram for a long time. Not only does she have a beautiful line of Temple dresses, she’s just an amazing person. She’s been a lot of places and has a lot of stories to tell. That’s one thing that makes this book work so well!

I loved the way she writes about her life. Her life has not been the standard Mormon girl life by any means. But it’s worked for her. It’s gotten her through hard times and to the amazing woman that she is now. I loved reading the things she’s learned through her own experiences as a model, as a missionary, as an LDS Church employee, entrepreneur and also as a single adult woman. She’s had so many experiences that she is able to not only tell you about, but use to teach you a lesson that you otherwise wouldn’t have known. 

I especially loved reading the part where she talked about wanting to hear more of woman’s voices during LDS General Conference. Not only did she talk about this issue on her social media, but she also took the time to write to our Church leaders about it. That shows an amount of courage that not many possess. There are so many things we can learn from women like Rosemary Card! 

I was sent this book as a gift by the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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What to read after Model Mormon

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Pretty Much PerfectAbout Pretty Much Perfect

pretty much perfectCamille Weston, a recently returned missionary, anticipates returning to college for her degree and perhaps to meet a nice guy. A sensible young woman with her future mapped out, Camille would never do something dangerous—like pick up a stranger on the side of the road. And yet, inexplicably, she does just that. This is one split-second decision that changes everything.

Determined to lend assistance, Camille gets more than she bargains for when she is roped into helping Liam, a handsome British man, with more than just a ride. As they are thrown together over the coming days and their mutual attraction grows, they realize they just…click. That is, until she makes a shocking discovery: the mysterious stranger is William “Liam” Jones, lead singer of the popular band Gear. Camille has never been one to swoon over a celebrity, and she knows her and Liam’s lifestyles could never be compatible. But how can she convince her heart to listen to logic?

My review

I’ve read Sally Johnson’s books before and really liked them, so I was really excited to get to read Pretty Much Perfect. And don’t you just love that cover?!

This book starts off in such a great way, with Camille finding Liam on the side of the road half dressed. It made me want to keep reading until I figured out why he was on the side of the road in that state. And the reader doesn’t figure that out for a really long time. That makes this book so much fun!

I loved Camille. She’s just a down to earth girl, recently returned from her mission. Camille’s wanting to be a person who sets up fund-raisers for others. I loved the way she’s always trying to help someone else. She’s just a great girl. And that’s a good thing, because she’s the sole point of view of this book. I love the way the author did that with this particular book. It makes the plot a lot more fun, because, like Camille, the reader doesn’t realize who Liam is. And that was a lot of fun!

I liked Liam too! The way he was willing to respect Camille and all of the things she wasn’t willing to do, makes the reader realize that he is a good guy. I realized that way before Camille did, but then again, I had figured out a little more about him than she had too. 

It was fun to have Sophia from The Skeleton in My Closet Wears a Wedding Dress and Worth Waiting For make a small appearance in this one! I love getting a glimpse into the future lives of the characters I’ve grown to love in other books. 

This one has a fun plot. Camille never imagines all of the things that are going to happen to her before she meets Liam, but that’s all part of the fun of this one. Dating a superstar is never “normal.” There’s always going to be a little craziness. And it’s just a matter of whether Camille wants to deal with the craziness or not. What would you do?

Anyway…for me this book was “Pretty Much Perfect.” I know that’s a bit cliche, but wow, I really loved it!

I was sent a copy of this book as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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AmazonDeseret Book

What to read after Pretty Much Perfect


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